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Question time, D-toiders. Is it more important to be witty or knowledgeable when writing about games? D-toid staff are encouraged to answer this, too.


Listening to VG tunes and puffing a stogie while it rains on my back porch. Not a bad way to spend a Friday.


Any crazy person out there want to be my Blog Buddy™ and peer pressure me into getting my blogs finished?


So Bravely Default is pretty long, isn't it? I knew I was in trouble when I looked at the time.


Had some free time today so I finally got around to completing an old nemesis of mine. Thanks to James Rolfe and Mike Matei for the inspiration. Time to move on to the Prime series!


I'm still not over my parents throwing away literally years worth of videogame magazines when we moved twenty years ago. So many issues of EGM, PSM, Nintendo Power, GamePro, and Game Players unceremoniously decomposing in some landfill somewhere. *Sigh*


I'm sure that most of you know about this already, but OCRemix has a pretty sweet radio station that plays through a random selection of their user-driven remixes. If you create an account, you can request your faves! http://ocr.rainwave.cc/#!/


Whatcha know about Bolognese and Monday Night Raw?


Had my favorite recurring dream again. I'm in a big box store (usually Wal-Mart) and I find a huge collection of retro games that never sold. I'm finding all kinds of sweet unopened treasures. Then I wake up. So thrilling, but so disappointing when I wake


Does anyone else get a little apprehensive before they start a lengthy game? I'm finally getting around to the Metroid Prime Trilogy and the scope and scale is a little daunting. It's like climbing a mountain, but without all the getting off the couch.


Hey! I just finished my first cblog in two years! Come check it out and tell me what you think! It's about Tomb Raider and sex and stuff! http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/SpaghettiOReilly/fluff-er-piece-tomb-raider-345057.phtml


Fluff(er) Piece: Tomb Raider

Hey gang!  It's been a while since I posted on here and it's high time I remedied that!  This will hopefully become a semi-regular column that touches on my experiences with the videogame industry and it's uses and abuses of ...


It's four hours past my usual bedtime and I can't stop thinking about SNES sprites. Is this the face of madness?


My Youtube favorites are absolutely bizarre. Sometimes I wonder what went wrong in my life to lead me to stuff like this: https://youtu.be/X5TJ6ngG4rw


I need to find a hookup for retro games. My collection is missing some very important titles. Sucks that collectors drive the prices up so much. I just want to play the games on the original hardware!


Drinking coffee before going to a martial arts class is a really dumb idea. I am not a smart man.


Blew my friends' minds today when I told them that Pallet Town in Pokemon plays off the concept of the series games being named after color.


Mother 'uckers are straight MONSTERS at SFV already. I mean, I played the beta. I practiced my combos. But I'm getting BEASTED on. It's like I've never played Street Fighter before. Maybe I'll go play some 3rd Strike to feel better...


And when I said "as" I meant "this." The funk has ruined my mind.


It's been ages since I've been as addicted to a game. That changed yesterday. I can't stop playing Crypt of the Necrodancer. Send help. My hands hurt.


I'm actually pretty bummed out about Game Trailers closing up shop. I hadn't visited in years but I still remember the good old days of having to wait for low-res versions of AVGN episodes to load. You'll be missed, all.


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