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Does anyone know when the review embargo for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE lifts? I am immensely curious about this game.


Finished Majora's Mask 3D!

Yay, I'm not blogging about E3! Finished that there Majora's Mask 3D. Overall, I enjoyed my time with it. But, I felt it had some problems, some of which are my fault, some of which are the game's design. Not gonna lie, I haven't been ...


Not really a fan of the new front page. I like the idea of it showing the author's name more prominently, and some of the text of the article, but...not like this.


Finally getting around to playing Majora's Mask 3D. This is my first time through this Zelda game--heard a lot of great things and really looking forward to it.


Anyone here know if there's a Pokken Tier List? I play Blaziken, and haven't met many others online. Curious if he's "low tier" or not. Really fun game though! Anyone wanna battle?


I wanna fly high so I can reach the highest of all the heavens.


I thought after seeing the Deadpool movie that reading Deadpool and Cable would be fun. And it is, when it's not throwing obscure marvel characters around and tying into the continuity of thr time. Why are comics such a disaster to read?


Anyone playing Pokken? Just got my copy in the mail yesterday. Pretty fun so far!


Finally beat Undertale's Genocide Run. A bit confused on some story details, but overall, an incredible game. Loved it, even when it frustrated the hell out of me. Would blog about it, but so much has already been said that there seems little to add.


Well, I can now see why it took Laura K. Buzz 19 hours to beat Genocide in Undertale. I can get to where the "REAL" battle begins, but I suspect it only gets worse from there. Goody.


A friend of mine who downloaded the FFXV demo said that you hold buttons to attack and dodge. Is that true? Did Square Enix learn nothing from FFXIII and release another game that plays itself?


Just got my PAX East tickets! My body is ready!


Just finished a Pacifist run of Undertale. Beautiful work of art. Going to try genocide tomorrow. I hope I have enough tissues.


McDonald's made an anime ad. It almost makes their food look appetizing.


Anyone else see the gameplay videos for TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan posted on IGN and elsewhere? Somethings, like mission structure and multiple turtles are worrying, but I'm still cautiously optimistic.


Goodbye Xenoblade Chronicles X

So, I finally finished Xenoblade Chronicles X today. And by "Finished", I mean completed the main story. And by "main story," I mean getting the end credits to roll. That is no small feat, as you have to go through four boss-esque battles a...


Finally finished Xenoblade's "Main Story" mode. Holy crap, that took forever.


I told myself I would finish Xenoblade Chronicles X tonight. 8 hours later, I'm on the final boss that I didn't grind enough for because now the game decides to make me level. UGH. 104 hours in and NOW I need to grind. -sigh- I'l do it tomorrow.


A week late, but any DToiders see Zootopia? I was incredibly surprised by how smart, timely, and relevant it was.


I can't put Persona Q down!

The one video game I got for Christmas this year was Persona Q: Shadow the Labyrinth. I waited until Christmas for it for several reasons—my parents needed something to get me, and because I wouldn't've had time to tackle it unt...


Playing Donkey Kong Country Returns

  I won't say I've taken a break from Super Smash Bros (one does not simply stop playing Smash) but when not playing that, I've been playing some Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii. My history with this game is a bit strange....


That's the last time I pre-order at GameStop

And shop there too. In the past, I've spoken in favor of GameStop whenever they came up in conversation. I've always felt that, yes, they offer you very little in exchange for your used games, but I've never felt like I was forced to a...


Let's talk about Bayonetta 2's ranking system!

So, I told myself last week that I was done blogging about Bayonetta 2. It was time to move on, I said, and despite the fact that I've played little else since the game was released, surely I had said all I could on the subject. It's a...


Do you need stories in your video games?

I'd like to bring up a discussion I had with one of my video gamer friends a few days back regarding the value of a video game. Specifically, what would justify the purchase of a sixty dollar full-console experience. I was talking abo...


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