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All my friends have gotten into Master Duel so I'm downloading it myself, send help


I imagine actors who work on long running series' must get attached to the characters they play. What happens then if an actor doesn't the direction of their character. Can they be like "No, I've played John for 15 seasons and he would NOT say that"


Alright fellas I need money to buy Elden Ring next month so what of mine do you want to buy? I'm willing to sell anything except my underwear, socks and the thing at the bottom of my bedside drawers (don't ask what it is)


what if I painted some of that warhammer stuff I bought years ago


eat pizza for me


Guys I'm in tears I just applied for what would be my dream job but I feel like I've been sabotaged by the people who were supposed to be helping me get employment I'm screaming internally HELP


Xbox Series S could be a viable purchase for a future man in a better position


Happy Birthday Panda I like you more than cereal


Is Horizon Zero Dawn worth the time and effort it'd take for me to switch on my PS4 and play it?


What we doing this weekend fellas lemme hear it


TIL rum kicks my ass


Fellas...don't fuck with Paypal Credit lol


Happy New Year, Destructoid. Watch your MP consumption tonight, don't want any of you casting spells in your sleep. Love you all x


Go to the gym so you're still fit enough to play all your favorite game genres in your 70s


Giving my families IoU's this year for Christmas. When I get a job they can trade them in heh


Gonna watch Spider-Man with my mum and her best friend because she bought as all tickets before we could say otherwise and I'm not gonna complain :v


Finished Endwalker last night and cried I've been playing this game since the very first day and these characters really do feel like my best friends, I can't wait to see what we all get up to in the future


I'm not the only one I can't be


How's everyone doing


Last night I witnessed a large argument in-game about whether or not Endwalker is a boring heap of shit and it made me realise that with all the promotion material I think a lot were expecting to be on the moon within the first 30 mins...


Managed to get Reaper from 70 to 79 before the game crashed. 10k login queue, I'm hearing that takes like 6 hours to clear. Guess I'm done for today whether I like it or not heh


I love how my mum's view on games has changed over the years. She's gone from "you'll never have one of those console things" to "I'm bringing you dinner because your game comes out tomorrow and I know you ain't cooking for yourself" which is bad BUT-


They're increasing the exp gain on the Halo battle pass which is cool because faster unlocks but isn't this meant to last until May? We'll be done with it by Jan at this rate, does that mean we'll have nothing to unlock for 4 months? 🤨🤔


I hope in 20ish years I'm watching Halo eSports but there's a league where all the players are in their 50's like I am


That accuracy stat just shows how much aim assist was carrying me on controller, mouse is starting to get comfortable though. I've been playing nothing but Halo since it dropped it's so much fun :D


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