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This is my child, Loot. He's four months old and refuses to eat beef


Anyone else get baited by Path of the Goddess, I thought I was looking at a new Onimusha I almost shit myself


Logging in for the first time in 2 months just to say that a certain game trailer that leaked today made me cry real tears. Legitimate adult tears. How y'all doin otherwise?


I've not tried a current-gen console before now and my PC is ass so I've been sitting in front of my TV playing Demon's Souls on the PS5 with my eyes wide open like a moron, can't believe y'all been playing games like this without me


I'm one of the gang now my bad


I don't really own a console at the moment and I want to buy a controller to use on PC. Are any of the newer pads worth it or should I just get a Dualshock 4?


Those of you who have cool jobs how did you do it


Guess who's looking for employment again? Wooo!


Wargroove 2!


I'm curious, did anyone here preorder Diablo 4 for Beta access or are you all strong willed individuals?


Still haven't played Elden Ring and now there's DLC coming? I'm in trouble...


Having fun clearing out my steam library backlog, I'll be playing Dragon Age Origins for the first time today!


is the switch lite safe to buy I hate the size of the normal switch


hello how are you


Melty Blood players got two more Fate GO characters? Where's the TYPE-MOON fighter at this point, stop pretending


Don't buy Soulstone Survivor on Steam I'm addicted


butthole infiltration


We're 8 episodes in, can I finally say that I find the new Gundam series incredibly boring? Nothing is happening, I can't even pretend to be entertained...


Oooh I won two tickets to a The Game Awards fan event, it's a live screening in the BFI IMAX. Now I just need someone to go with... thanks Geoff Keighley! I hope the reveals are good


now is the time


There's nothing about Fire Emblem as a concept that should stifle imagination so how is this the best they were able to come up with. Feels like they're trying to meet a quota or developed this game at gunpoint, hella soulless.


im addicted to TFT again help


Flanxlycanth levelled to 28! Flanx wants to learn a new move but he's kinda stupid. What will you do...?


On blessed day in November, two incredibly sexy individuals. Happy birthday Moyse and Scruff. I wasn't able to get out to get donuts (the weather is ass!) but I will be eating cookies in your names, hoorah!


what's goin on fellas anything u wanna talk about


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