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Good day, saw a lot of fellas I haven't seen in years, watched my childhood best friend marry the love of his life, ate a lot of food, feeling good. Here's a suit pic to prove that I can wear something other than a tracksuit 🕵️


Gotta get back in the gym, need my demon form back, gotta put the Lycanth back in the Flanx


Huh, The Batman was pretty good. I really enjoyed that


If everything goes well the next two weeks I could possibly have disposable income! If your names are Shin Megami Tensei V, Elden Ring or Triangle Strategy...one of you should be REALLY scared right now. I could be clearing out a spot in the dungeon...


Imagine needing to shit all day while at "work". NOW IMAGINE YOUR DAY IS HELPING A PLUMBER IN PEOPLES BATHROOMS FOR 8 HOURS. I hopped out of that van and opened my front door in 0.34 seconds. Torture.


My cousin lent me Arceus so I'll be trying that out this week, haven't used my Switch in a while...


Please, for your own sakes, sit in your favourite chair and check this one out https://knxwledge.bandcamp.com/album/v1


I stood for like nine hours without any sitting and my ankles have turned to dust


Twitch is unusable everyone playing Elden Ring oof


Elden Ring players think of me while you're having fun I wish to live vicariously through you, touch your dicks also pretend it's me


The current Master Duel Xys event awards 50 points for a loss and 100 for a win so people are making decks to kill themselves in one turn to earn a quick 50 then jump back in queue instead of playing out a whole game to farm rewards quickly


Sometimes all you need is to take a shit and have a shower and life feels so much more livable


I'm playing Poison Spectral Helix wbu


This little girl is slowly becoming my favourite thing on the planet and she's not even mine 😂 My cousin's baby is the cutest thing I've ever encountered and it HURTS in the best of ways 😭


Relearning how to play games for fun and not for the grind is hard as a recovering MMO/MOBA/Gacha addict


I'm addicted to a game that I'm terrible at AMA


Just found out I can get fiber in my place now. Gonna see what I need to do to upgrade. Ooh I'm excited. Playing games the same day I start downloading them? This is gonna be insane. You might get a stream or two out of me, too.


Why does Paramount have a streaming service, are they relevant in the US? I see Halo is on Paramount+ but I don't know of any other Paramount shows, you don't really see that name over outside of the cinema I don't think...


All my friends have gotten into Master Duel so I'm downloading it myself, send help


I imagine actors who work on long running series' must get attached to the characters they play. What happens then if an actor doesn't the direction of their character. Can they be like "No, I've played John for 15 seasons and he would NOT say that"


Alright fellas I need money to buy Elden Ring next month so what of mine do you want to buy? I'm willing to sell anything except my underwear, socks and the thing at the bottom of my bedside drawers (don't ask what it is)


what if I painted some of that warhammer stuff I bought years ago


eat pizza for me


Guys I'm in tears I just applied for what would be my dream job but I feel like I've been sabotaged by the people who were supposed to be helping me get employment I'm screaming internally HELP


Xbox Series S could be a viable purchase for a future man in a better position


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