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Got the missus a new laptop and it won't let her open Gmail because it's not tomorrow??


Hi everyone. So many things have happened in the last year that I would love the opportunity to catch everyone up. I am excited to say as of a month ago I am no longer a teacher after 18 years and now I work for the department of natural resources!


Wasn't aware of how much people here hated Bioshock Infinite until I read all those comments from the article 2 days ago. If only people were this passionate about real problems.


It looks like Elden Ring is the next big thing. I'm definitely in the minority but I have to say, it doesn't look that appealing to me. I don't really like George RR Martin's other works and it looks like a prettier Skyrim.


Day three of playing Spiritfarer and my heart can't take it much longer. This has to be the most heartbreaking game of all time.


Has anyone played Spiritfarer? My wife got it for me in the Switch and I went in knowing nothing about it. So far, it's absolutely amazing!


Is there a way to check how many hours you've played on your switch games past the first 20 games on your profile?


When the chucklefucks in charged killed the ability for sites to run flash, it basically eliminated most of the cool virtual surgeries I used to teach and show my students. No other options, repeal and NOT replace.


Unpopular opinion. On episode 8 and I am absolutely loving the live action Cowboy Bebop.


So far the last few months have been gaming bliss for me. Max Payne 1, and 2, great. Started 3 not bad, Brutal Legend, still good. Sega Genesis Collection on Switch, chef's kiss. Deathloop and Takes of Arise? So good. Arise might be my fave Tales now!


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