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Make it a gay goth ghost boy who can possess me anytime he felt horny and you got yourself a sale, lady!


Anybody seen my World's Smallest Violin? I got a song to play for these finance bros.


Random Thoughts While Pooping #6523456: "Cream the Rabbit" sounds like something that would get you put on a watchlist if spoken verbally and taken completely out of context.


"So who should be our main character? Oh I know: how about Generic White Guy #27752?" - Game developers, allegedly


Random Thoughts While Pooping Star Wars Edition: if the Klingons' Birds of Prey were supposed to be massive, how come they all looked so cramped during bridge scenes in The Next Generation? Any in-universe explanation for that?


Caption contest? Caption contest. Please caption this picture:


See, this would've been heartwarming if I don't also remember that Malenia's boss fight was BUUUUUULLLSHIIIIIIIT!! (Art: "Malenia and Miquella", by jdoriimu)


Sesame Street is way darker than I remembered it, you guys:


Let's see how many of y'all gets it:


Sometimes we don't understand how far along we've come technologically until we see something like this:


Is this real? Please tell me this is real. I need hope in my life.


Random Thoughts While Pooping #67382510: Moon Knight is just Yugioh with more violence and better costume.


Random Thoughts While Pooping #5772357: I wish there was a bit more variety with game narratives with historical settings than "go build your crime empire" or "VENGEANCE" or variants thereof.


The job of an aunt is to embarass their nephews, even if they were just trying to be supportive:


"Gotta go fast" is not always a good thing:


I watched Moon Knight before it was cool: in anime form!


Still having fun with the 10-day Eid Break. Hope you're having a great time too!


The English language, everybody!


It takes a big man to admit you were wrong. It takes an even bigger man to forgive them. Happy Eid al Fitr 1443 Hijriyah! May the year's blessings be upon you and yours!


Random Thoughts While Pooping Interactive Edition: can a ghost and a zombie come from the same person? If so, then who is the real you now?


Gamer Parents, a question for you: have you ever had your comics burnt or your game consoles destroyed by your parents when you were young? What's your take on parents destroying their kid's properties to "teach them a lesson"?


I mean, they fought for your freedom. Just let them have this!


I don't really know the rules to Mahjong, but I think I just won:


Random Thoughts While Reading Destructoid #776182: why are gamers more willing to believe what corporations' PR Team said instead of what the employees said?


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