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My heart of cards is broken today.


Random Thoughts While Pooping #271881: The fact that we have all these CGI technologies today and we STILL do not have a live-action movie based on Contra: Shattered Soldier is nothing short of a travesty!


In case you forgot, gay guys are still just guys. Unless it's convenient for us, we just won't make the effort.


Whatever it is that UFOTable is coming up with for their Genshin Impact anime, I'm pretty sure they can't top what some of the hardcore fans have come up with on their own:


My working theory is that they all used to dress like Feudal Lords and Ladies before the emissaries from Fantasy France made fun of their old-fashioned clothings.


Pretty sure this is an edit. Then again, this is Yoko Taro we're talking about. The man is not above shitposting things like this.


If you can send a message to your younger self through a neural link across time, what would you tell them?


So THAT was the plan all along!


I miss the 90s. Yes, even with all the boybands. (Art by But A Jape)


I mean, okay, now I kinda understand the whole Little Mermaid controversy deal a bit.


Okay, NOW I wanna roll for Cyno!


Coolio is gone? This year just keeps on going down the toilet. R.I.P. https://edition.cnn.com/2022/09/28/entertainment/coolio-obit/index.html


Everybody calm the fuck down! (art by: Kay Wan)


This thing is pure heroin in musical form.


Me: "Why would I be upset about Cyberpunk Edgerunners' ending? It's just fiction! It doesn't matter!" Also me: *googles "Can you shoot Adam Smasher repeatedly on the junk after winning without killing him in the game?"* (image courtesy of Markiplier)


Fuck you, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Fuck you 'till the dick breaks. (Bit of a spoiler-y rant in the comments)


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