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Okay you know what? That's it! You "Git Gud" assholes have pissed me off for the LAST time! I'm going to boot up Sekiro and I'm going to play it with ALL the cheats! And there's nothing you can do to stop me from enjoying the game my way! So jog on!


And this is how I got banned from Destructoid.


Just popping in to say that Whatcha Been Playing is back at cohost.org hosted by Pat Bateman. If you're still seething over what happened, come join us over there with the #qtoid tag. And fuck Gamurr!


There's no way this wasn't done on purpose!


Why the U.S. needs to put more funding in education. Exhibit A:


Anybody else already missing Whatcha' Been Playing This Week, Destructoid? It used to be the highlight of my week too. I wouldn't have been introduced to so many good-yet-obscure games if it wasn't for that weekly post.


My take on this is FFXVI is a giant middle finger towards western audience. "Oh Final Fantasy is too twee, is it? It's too anime, is it? Well, ENJOY A GRIMDARK WORLD WHERE EVEN THE FRUIT VENDOR IS AN ARSE TO YOU! YOU'RE WELCOME, MOTHERFUCKERS!!"


Anybody else starting to notice how there's a lot more space-themed games these days? Even the remakes have a slew of them. Hell, TV shows and movies too! What's up with that?


The pastel colors. The quirky characters. The mundane-but-not-quite settings. Wes Anderson's films are are just Sesame Street for adults. That's why people love 'em.


Random Thoughts While Pooping Supernatural Edition: Why do ghosts ALWAYS described as looking like they're from the 1800s? Why can't we have a caveman ghost? Or a 90s ghost? Why can't we have a grunge kid ghost with an attitude named Tyler?


Y'all have no idea how much the mods have spared you the trauma.


Fanfiction writers in a nutshell.




Look at it again. Wait for it. There we go.


So. Thoughts on Destructoid's "Turn off your Adblocker or GTFO" prompt that you have no choice but to comply with?


Accurate. Also why I quit the fucking platform. Artist credited in the image.


Random Thoughts While Pooping Tired Caregiver Edition: Hey game developers? ENOUGH WITH THE HORROR GAMES WITH THE CHILD-FRIENDLY PRESENTATION! You little shits owe me for getting my little shits traumatized!!


Random Thoughts While Pooping #78923: Why do we instantly trust dogs and severely distrust cats in video games?


The Sonic fandom is both thirsty and confused.


Kids say the darkest things. EDIT: I originally typed "darnest", but my phone corrected it to "darkest." It is learning. It is growing.


There's more gay in this one photo than in the entirety of the Poor Little White Guy series. And if you don't know what that is, hello, normal straight person! How did you manage to find your way here? You lost, sugar? Want some company?


"Tell me wot you cherish most guv. Give me the pleasure of taking it away innit."


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