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What game would you like to see remade/rebooted?

In recent times we've seen a marked rise in the remaking and rebooting of some fondly remembered classics. Mega Drive title Castle of Illusion found itself on the end of a 21st century makeover as did NES/Game Boy game Duck Tales. Most rece...


10 of the Best - Original Game Music

I have had the pleasure over my 20+ years of gaming to have heard some very memorable video game music. In this blog I have pieced together 10 of my favourite video game tracks of all time. Nier - Song of the Ancients (Devola) Nier was...


9 of the Best - Rhythm Games

Over the last few years I have found myself becoming more and more obsessed with rhythm games. Starting many moons ago playing the DDR games using the joypad I have steadily developed an all-consuming desire to play everything rhythm orient...


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Author of one post-apocalyptic novel (The Wanderer) and one collection of horror short stories (Wither).