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What's your biggest earning off of a video game item sale? Just sold the following: Castlevania:SotN (without OST) - £250. Raiden III - £120. Twilight Princess (disc only) - £35. Pretty badly damaged Takara Star Fox plushies (Fox/Slippy) - £30. Decent


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Discussion

I've just finished it. Nit picks and spoilers follow, so be aware before reading on. My thoughts:- The game is far, far better when it treads closely to the original. The redone story segments from the original and the reworked score a...


Just won a free copy of Tetris Effect for Epic Games on PC. I already have it on my console of choice, PS4. Wanna win it off me? If so, follow my Twitter and I'll pick a random winner at the end of the week. https://mobile.twitter.com/TheWandererBook


Your Top 3 Games of the Decade

This has probably been done and if so I apologise, but I couldn't find anything in my search just there. Anyway, my top 3 would probably be: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow  Tetris Effect Hollow Knight I'd love to hear what other peo...


Amiibo or Animal Crossing fans in UK should get down to the Poundshop. These are available for £5 currently but in limited stock.


Well, Unravel has to be one of the more frustrating games I've played in recent memory.


Hullo! Looking to get a physical copy of Taiko Drum Master when it releases next month. Anyone recommend a good site that I can import from to the UK? If they can help me avoid import tax by marking as a gift, even better. Help greatly appreciated.


Be quick http://www.argos.co.uk/product/7156627


So, I bought RE7 but I'm having problems with massive lag at save points and on start up. I'm on PS4. Anyone know of a fix? Help!


Need a new game. Thinking about RE7. However, I hated Outlast. Please tell me they are completely different? Thanks!


Anyone else having trouble with comments sections not loading anymore? If so, any help to get them working as usual again? Driving me mad!


Your Most Memorable Video Game Stages

I've played a lot of games. A lot. Over twenty-odd years I've lost count of the number of titles I've played through. Over that period of time, however, there have been a number of stages or moments in games that have stuck in my mind ...


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