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Left joy-con started drifting, so I modded it into a D-pad setup and put custom shells on both joy-cons. Way easier than I thought it would be. THE FUTURE IS NOW MY DUDES


So I spent a few minutes with the RE4 Demo. It's... Fine? And I can't believe I'm asking this as a longtime RE fan, but... ..Who is this game for?? Is it even warranted?


Finally playing Watch Dogs: Legion, and the best compliment I can give is that it's very competently made. But mostly it's very odd to have such a politically charged game that avoids all reference to any sort of political ideology or stance whatsoever.


I'm playing through Cyberpunk on PS5, and I have to say: I'm glad I waited. From a pure RP perspective, this game is phenomenal and addicting as hell. (I still have to completely reboot the game every few hours when some quest breaks though, haha.)


Just starting Mass Effect 2 again, on my fourth run through the Legendary Edition... ...No YOU have a problem


Anybody else hyped up for Top Boy Season 2/4 to drop on Netflix tomorrow?


For anyone who needs to hear it, I'm going to tell you the true secret of playing Dark Souls/Elden Ring: A Win is a goddamn Win. Doesn't matter how dirty or cheesy you have to fight to get it.


I'm feeling the nonsensical need to be mad for dumb reasons. What's a super hot take y'all have in regards to gaming? I want to hear them! (Mine's in the comments.)


Hope everyone is having a great time with Horizon 2 today. I plan to partake when I get a chance, but I can't let it distract me from my true gaming messiah - Elden Ring.


Finally managed to beat Sekiro last night, on my second serious attempt at the game (first was at launch). I won't ever LOVE it like From's others, but I feel like I can at least appreciate it now. Might write a blog comparing it to DS and such.


Getting ready for Elden Ring, and figured the best way to prepare was to take another serious crack at Sekiro (which I sadly never finished). Doing a lot better the second time around! You can get surprisingly far just being as aggressive as possible.


Just beat Deathloop! Really loved it. My only complaint is that Julianna needs to be buffed - she never took me down playing as Colt, and I've never won playing as Julianna. I suppose that may upset people who just want to progress through the game tho


I've finally made it all the way through Mass Effect: LE. It was an overall amazing experience, but I have MANY thoughts (added below).


What's people's general take on Outriders so far? I've heard good things, and am tempted to jump in with a friend, but curious to hear what the average gamer thinks before I do.


For anyone who follows modern punk music, Jeff Rosenstock just surprise-released a brand new album as of last week. And it fuckin' SLAPS.


Just finished S3 of Man in the High Castle, and I have to say... I really missed out by waiting this long to dive in. It takes a ton of guts/skill to make a show about a fascist empire where you not only empathize, but end up ROOTING for nazis, at times.


Whatever problems people have with FFVIII, I would defend it for the music alone. I think it has some of Uematsu's best songs in all of FF history. This has been stuck in my head for a week:


For anyone who was waiting for improvements to Control's stability before jumping in: https://controlgame.com/control-september-update/


Spending this Saturday morning getting some writing done at the local coffee shop, as per usual. Current mood:


Just beat Control. Holy crap. Easily one of the best games of the year. Probably second this year for me behind RE2? Definitely will get the DLC when they drop, just to spend more time in that world.


Shit, well, it finally happened - I'm 30 today. Mostly I just feel contentedly indifferent to a lot of the rough bullshit I've been experiencing the past few years/months, and content with what I do have. Is this adulthood?


The more I learn about this game, the more hype I get for it.


Going through the Uncharted series again, maybe my 2nd favorite series ever. Uncharted 1 is... Rougher than I ever remember. It has not aged well. But it is still cool to see ND testing ideas that would let them really blow it out of the water with 2.


So I finally got around to playing RE7 by myself - originally I watched a friend share play the whole thing when I was bedridden with flu. Final thoughts: this might have been one of my favorite REs if it didn’t fall apart in the last 10-20% of the g


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