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Pro tip: Don't just kill any old dude you see cowering in a corner.


Finally had the pleasure of watching an enemy I'd been banging my head against simply run off a cliff and save me the trouble. Honestly, it's a bit more satisfying than beating it legit.


My partner just gave me one of her Adderalls, and it's essentially a miracle drug and I'd be furious it's not easily accessible if I didn't just feel so perfectly good and peaceful.


Much like in Blasphemous, I learned later than I would have liked the importance of pinning. Pro tip: Pin everyone you meet! You'll probably want to go back to them at some point, even if it's just to kill them to see what they got.


So are writers for DToid still going to be able to call out NFTs as the stupid shifty scam that they are?


Really enjoying Elden Ring so far, but had to turn off the online almost immediately. Hard to get immersed in a fantasy world when every square inch is graffiti'd in memes.


COMMUNITY SHOUTOUT TO RIFFRAFF: Thanks to his pro tip I was able to cruise through Infernax without issue. He's also a genuinely cool dude who benefits every area, digital or otherwise, which he graces--but what he did to convenience me is most important.


Ever reach a point in a game where you can't physically pull off what's being asked of you, so you need to put it away?


I will say that even just an hour or two into Disco Elysium, it's made me laugh more than any other game I've played.


All right folks I'm diving in.


Oh shit. I should've known daddy issues would catch their attention.


Been playing Infernax, and it falls into the same spot as Castle in the Darkness where I'm invested, but the only satisfaction I get out of completing tough sections is knowing I won't have to do that shit again. Is that fun? I don't know!


Just finished Flipon, and I know this might be weird but it has the best mechanics of any match-three I've played. You have perfect control over the board. Not sure what to play next. Tried Dusk, but I just don't enjoy FPSs. Any Steam games got you hooked


Oh God, I ate too much fiber. Someone kill me!!!


That's Nobody Saves the World complete! Really fun and addictive. Another one I plan to get 100% on at some point.


Also I'm about to find out what all the hullabaloo is about with this.




COMMUNITY SHOUTOUT TO SLIMYBEAR: If James Joyce wrote comments on the internet I'm pretty sure they'd look something like yours.


Just noticed that Vitas are actually still reasonably priced, and I'm feeling mighty tempted. Is the 2000 model worse than the original OLED? Should I gun for a modded one? Is there any point to existence besides the perverse pleasures of flashing lights?


Looking at people's PSN stuff had me remembering my own PSN days, which only lasted as long as the Vita. Look at this shit. I was soooo cloooose. So. Fucking. Close.


So we could eventually get Shadow of the Collosus on PC right?


saying momma milky is not inherently sexual.


First there was Jude Law as a young Pope who fucks, and now you may all witness me as the young hot Gorton's Fisherman. Yes you may fuck me--but only when the tide is high.


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