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Buying games in bundles is fun, like making promises you'll never keep.


I'm just a poor boy wishing for Shadows of the Damned on PC for Christmas.


Cheesey bloody goofin is the reason for the season! Thanks ol' saint patrick!


Just remembered that Returnal coming to PC was another bit of big news. Feel like a lot of the best stuff was announced when the lady who wasn't allowed on the main stage was talking.


My big takeaway from the VGAs: How did Al Pachino look more smashed and unrecognizable than fucking Michael Madsen?





From the opening moments of DOOM 3, one thing is clear: Half-Life came out. The era of (cinematic) opening sequences is at its fullest tilt, and in this style, DOOM 3 doesn't open with you stepping out of a room and immediately being a...


My secret Santee is getting this.


Big winners of the night were JIMMY AND THE PULSATING MASS and NORCO. Thanks to all who played. Better luck next time I have twenty dollars and a dream.


Guys I have $20 left to spend on the Steam sale. Please make recommendations. I'm caught in indecision, but I'm desperate to spend money. Someone help me!!


A real thinker, this one.


Guess I'm getting Like a Dragon after all!


I'm thankful for Slimeybear as well this year. He's quiet a good sport with all the shit we give him.


BIG THANKSGIVING SHOUTOUT TO OUR BOY PARISMO!!! He gifted me this, and it's eaten my morning away. So much more fun than I was expecting! Thanks!


Ah yes, the famous racing game Pac-Man.


How lost do you all think I'd be if I jumped into Yakuza with Like a Dragon?


Saw Barbarian last night. Everything everyone says about it is true. It's a true blue motherfucker. Second favorite of the year.


Finally Freddy's Dead. I stopped just before this one due to purely bad reception, but it's unearned. Nightmare 3 starring Bugs Bunny is definitely something. Kruger has ths most imaginative and entertaining franchise Until next year sweet suffering. Zzz


Number 666 was The Burning Moon!! It's a German shot-on-vhs showcase of no-budget practical effects wizardry. If you're a gore hound looking for the quite literally hellish goods, this delivers. Last few minutes had the crowd losing it. Nuts. Fun!!


Fifth was the always classic SPACE HELLRAISER in a new 4K restoration. First one I've already seen but still very cool to experience space madness on the big screen and in the highest definition known to man!


Fourth was a European oddity called Strangler Versus Strangler. It was somewhat amusing but didn't do too much for me. Low point of the night thus far.


Third was the director's cut of Lord of Illusuons. Outstanding. Amazing. A non-stop powerhouse of intense imagery. Almost subliminal in its density. Huge recommend.


Second was RAZORBACK! Very well shot and perilous. Not my kind of movie but not too bad.


First up was Prom Night 2: Very cool. Very fun! Off to a good start!!




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