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I scrolled for three thousand years and added 2.5 million of yall, bur I'm Vadicta on Cohost (lastest site that wull be good until it's not). Fuck Destructoid. Justice for Moyse. Burn it to the ground.


When does E3 start? Can't wait to spend all day watching news, previews, and interviews on G4!!


This headline has amazing comedic timing.




Fuck it, I'm gonna let myself double-post.


Fuck it, I'm not gonna let myself figure out what number FFXVI is supposed to be.


Fuck, I'm not gonna let myself figure out what number FFXVI is supposed to be.


Important question about the new Legend of Zelda for Nintendo Switch video game in the comments, because I don't want anyone to be spoiled on important gameplay adjustments.


This cat is my dog, man.


Giving Dark Souls I another spin, and I think I reached the same point that I dropped it before--the damn skeletons right after the tutorial. I thought I'd tap into my Elden Ring skills and run past them, but no--oh no!--it's skeletons all the way down!!!


Trash Quest is a very cute and fun mini Metroidvania. If you were into Gato Roboto you'll probably like it!


Also, 2D side-scrolling Metroidvania Dead Rising would be dope.


Capcom should make a side-scrolling Metroidvania Devil May Cry spinoff.


Tried playing the only gane on the Castlevania Advance Collection I haven't played before--Circle of the Moon--and holy shit I've never decided to never touch a game again so quickly. Having the entire screen jetl when you jump is sickening.


Maybe Atari can find a way to buy Midway's classic game library from Warner Bros. It's such a shame to see one of America's biggest arcade catalogs die on the vine due to corporate apathy. Midway deserves the Atari 50th treatment.


Guess now's as good a time as any to finally go back and tackle Blasphemous on Ascension.


I know you all were watching my Steam profile closely going, "Vadicta finished RE4MAKE! Where are his hot thoughts? Did he enjoy it? Did he hate it? What did Destructoid's most loved beautiful-faced boy think??!" Well, wait no more! Check them comments!


That new Zelda trailer looks like ASS!


So, Dangus I was cleaning out under your bed and, uh, looks like you got some explaining to do!!


Oh man, these RE4R upgrade tickets are setting my off my FOMO all crazy. Like, it's going to feel like I have everything in the game without them, but also I don't want to be a scummy cheater baby--but also I kind of DO want to be scummy cheater baby!


Live footage of Dangus trying to sleep at night while thinking about Signalis' anime portraits.


Got to play REM4KE for a few hours this weekend and have some minor-spoiler (I haven't even gotten Ashley yet) thoughts in the comments.


Dreams do come true!!


Every time I cheekally reference the latest Shinji-Mikami adjacent hotness yall act like I'm speaking in tongues.


Yo, these RE4 changes are A WHOLE LOTTA BULL!!


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