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Looking at people's PSN stuff had me remembering my own PSN days, which only lasted as long as the Vita. Look at this shit. I was soooo cloooose. So. Fucking. Close.


So we could eventually get Shadow of the Collosus on PC right?


saying momma milky is not inherently sexual.


First there was Jude Law as a young Pope who fucks, and now you may all witness me as the young hot Gorton's Fisherman. Yes you may fuck me--but only when the tide is high.


I decided to do something crazy and up my sex appeal. Stay tuned.


I think the most catastrophic company Microsoft could buy would be Valve.


It's not a tragedy until Microsoft buys Devlolver.


Can't wait for Microsoft to buy me so I have to go around in a Bill Gates is My Daddy crop-top on all-fours in a Dorito-studded collar and drink from a Mountain Dew-filled X-toilet while barking slurs at everyone I see. Can't wait for that to be my future


Spending a Saturday afternoon playing one of our favorite games. A good time.




Just finished this. It's amazing, jaw-dropping, and something I kind of wish I never read. You might want to do something I didn't and read up on what the book is about before diving in. It isn't something I'm all that thrilled to have living in my head.


That's Death's Door dusted! It's outstanding, a favorite of the genre. The world's are so well conceived and the story surprisingly touching and genuinely funny. The combat is tight and challenging. It also really needs a fucking map.


Been playing Death's Door during my snow days and I adore it--but I've been tapping the select button, and there's no map? Like they made a Zelda/Metroidvania game without a map? All these secret nooks and crannies but no map? There's just no map? NO MAP?


What are some of the weirdest comic books you'll have read? I need suggestions!!


Just finished Inscryption. It was really cool!


Woke up on a beautiful morning in this the first day of the year of our lord 2022, and I decided I'm going to be more of a mother fucker. Please join me on this journey. Happy New Year.


I too finished one more game this year: HYPERLIGHT DRIFTER! It's cool. The combat is fun. Every boss was cool. The world and art were neat. Not sure if I'll ever go back to clean up additional stuff but enjoyed the time I had with it.


Just finished my first run of Hades at just over 10 hours, and I have to say that Supergiant found an impressive way to wrap a story around a roguelite. I still think runs are a bit too long and combat gets tedious, but this is a special game.


I know you all have been waiting with the most bated of breath for MY GOTY choices. Wait no longer! They are Griftlands for best game I played that came out this year and Blasphemous for best game I played this year in total. Other picks in the comments!!


If you are an adult actress and you start turning into a fish in the middle of a shoot please walk into the ocean and stay there. My nut is not as important as your freedom. Ride the tide. Join your people. Be joyous and at peace. Godspeed.


Droid is a second home to me in too many ways. Have some kind of Christmas, friends. Just don't tell me which.


Early Christmas gift from the gf. Very excited to dig in!


I was really enjoying Hyperlight Drifter, but then I made the mistake of buying Hades and booting it up. I'm afraid there's no going back.


Been reading this, and it's wonderful. Akira Toriyama was the first non art history artist I knew by name. His art was the first I tried to emulate. Going through this has just been pure joy.


Kind of have a hankering to play the Pac Man World games again. It's a shame they never got ported to PC or anything.


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