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I hate to be back on my sleepy shit, but I just can't hide it anymore #sleepytoid


Dino Crisis fans gotta be feeling the pain.


Everyone's all Yakuza this Yakuza that while no one's noticed that I am actually very sleepy this morning.


My DOOM 64 thoughts have arrived in the form of a BLOG!!!! I decided to do this so that they wouldn't get marked as spam again--because I guess my writing style is bot-esque. Link in the comments. DOOM 64 DOOM 64 DOOM 64 DOOM 64 DOOM 64 DOOM 64 DOOM 64 DO


DOOM 64!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It only took them 63 attempts, but somehow the fine folks at id finally figured out how to design levels! It's crazy walking into DOOM 64 and seeing densely packed, thoughtfully laid-out designs that make traversal a sinch and explorat...


And with that my playthrough of Condemned Criminal Origins comes to an early and abrupt end.


Could it be? Will future generations embrace Kane & Lynch 2? Will the cultural reappraisal happen??? Yes! It shall! Yes! It must!!


I know you've all been waiting, wondering, holding your breath and girding your loins--Will Vadicta play DOOM 2? Will he enjoy DOOM 2? When will he finish DOOM 2? We need to know his every thought on DOOM 2! DOOM 2!!!! Well, wait no more! They are in the


Weird that I got hyped into buying so many release day games recently, and yet a bunch of Doom games at the price of Rollerdrome is all that's holding my attention.


You guys got any games you really like but can only play in short bursts? That's how I'm feeling about RollerDrome. It's a great game, but 30 minutes is my max before it exhausts me.


Since the DOOM franchise was on Steam for $30, and it turns out I didn't own any, I bought them! I've never finished a DOOM game and barely played any, so I will enthrall you with my DOOM retrospective!! Just finished 1993. Thoughts in comments.


YOU KILLED HIM! The only entertainment I was getting on this dreary workday, and you fucking killed my boy!! RIP Jackson Teller, gone but not forgotten. I never saw someone call people in a video game comments section Nazis so fast. Sleep sweet prince...


I've been playing UltraKill on and off for a little while now, and I have to come clean: I am so so so so so so so very bad at that game. I can't even beat the prologue. I don't know what's wrong with me. I just die and die and die and die and die and die


Looking at a WikiHow on saving resources in RE4 for the crazy illustrations and made the mistake of reading the text. They're disuadung people from getting the Red9? The RED FUCKING 9?? The best handgun in video game history??? Slander!!!


Anyone who thinks Donny Darko is better than Southland Tales is living in a world of bullshit. BULLSHIT!!




There will never be another Devil May Cry game where you can just play as Dante.


made a witch


playing with pixel art.


#caturday Finished Stray like the bunch of ya. It's fun and cute. Story's what you'd expect for dystopia stuff and I wish the movement weren't so contextual, but still happy to have played it.


Current status:


Just another day in the life of your beautiful and beloved Orange Boots Baby.


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