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This style can make anything 100x cooler.


Finally home and in bed. It's Friday night, so you know what that fucking means!!!! I'M SLEEPING IN! #sleepytoid


Born to sleep. Forced to work. All I want to do is get home and catch some good *gasp*fwibfwibfwibfwibfwib*gasp*fwibfwibfwibfwibfwib #sleepytoid


Welcome to sleepytoid, where wvmmmrmrmr honkshoo honkshoo honkeshoo honkshoo honkshoo honkshoo honkshoo honkshoo honkshoo honkeshoo honkshoo honkshoo honkshoo honkshoo honkshoo honkshoo honkeshoo honkshoo honkshoo honkshoo honkshoo honkshoo honkshoo honks


you ever just feel sleepy????????????????????????????????????????????;asdlkfjsdgab fdm kjaheawjkljhaf asdfjkddc dskl;fa'oewaaaaaaarji


This pic goes so hard.


Happy Birthday to Big Daddy Teeth.


Really dreading the moment that they show off the Max Payne 1 & 2 remakes with a hi-res headshot of Payne and they're like,"Look, his face doesn't look stupid anymore. That's a good thing. Isn't that right, everyone?" And we just have to clap like idiots.


gaj deserves a poem in his honor as well.


I can't stand how since the day we were born we've been lied to nonstop by the academics, the elite, the media. It's so disgusting, and I can't take it anymore. It's fucked up. I'm sorry. It's just too much sometimes. More in the comments.


If I accidentally blocked anyone--you're welcome. My god, I can't image how beautiful your life must be.


I actually put down Elden Ring for a bit--and I remembered what I was doing in Disco Elysium. Two miracles back to back!


I don't mind admitting that I'm a sigma male.


Whenever I see someone reply to every comment on their posts I'm always like How fucking lonely are you bud?


Just so you know whenever you upvote one of my comments I think of you as being part of my private collection.


Rykard's just a glass jaw little weirdo who eats shit like he's starving.


TFW you look up where to find a weapon in Elden Ring only to learn about a whole ass castle that's been hiding under your nose the whole time.


Feeling hot and dangerous. Wouldn't want to run into this goofy mother fucker in a dark alley! #selfietoid


Just sifted through the Humble Ukraine bundle. Got codes for stuff I already have/don't want in the comments.


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