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Oh man, a month ago i was thinking "maybe the Chainsaw Man manga is getting too normal and predictable". The last two chapters have proven how wrong i was...


Oof. Linus Tech Tips was hacked and his channel terminated. Im assuming this is a temporal measure, but i was watching it unfolding live and the hacked deleted almost ALL of the videos before being take down. Linus must be fuming right now....


After 8 chapters, im finally enjoying Fire Emblem Engage. I think the series has improved a lot since it leaned towards the "Anime" side, but they should go all the way and add a japanese VA dub option. Anna sounds like an old lady making impressions.


Waking up to news of Elden Ring DLC... now that's a way to motivate me to revisit the game and finish those darn "Hero's Grave".


Old Metroid Prime fans, i have a question: did you get sidetracked scanning EVERY single thing on the game? because damn im doing exactly that. Is my first time playing it, and is absorbing. And it looks great even on the Lite. GOTY contender already?


now that Nintendo is adding more game consoles, is NSO worth it?? it includes Genesis games?


I been playing Fashion Police Squad on Switch and is pretty good. Runs well, is a novel concept for a boomer shooter (it looks like a modern Doom WAD) and to be honest, is kinda funny too. It's on sale too, so give it a look.


Fire Emblem Engage is slowly winning me over... i kinda like the ring system and the units are not entirely waifu/husbando bait like in Fates, at least the ones i have now, i can't say for future ones. If only the game had the japanese VA :(


I caught a cold a few days ago, and yesterday in a fever stupor i bought Fire Emblem Engage. It's.... not bad. I havent played a FE since Valentia, but i can see some improvements. I only wish the cast will stop kissing the feet of the Dragon kid.


take it with a grain of salt, but look at this "leaked" Tekken 8 roster. There are some.... surprises.


i spent my January 1st trying to cure a hangover, eating leftovers and listening to my fifteen years old nieces trying to convince me to use tiktok. I wish all the Qtoid members a fantastic 2023!


Crisis Core Reunion looks great on PC, the combat is snappier and the music is top notch. But the voice actor for Zack.... what happened? did they pick the most plain, unenthusiastic person they could find? I hope they mod the old VA soon.


im sure my most played games on Switch are Picross 7, Picross 8 and Picross S Genesis & Master System. Maybe Atelier Ryza too. Freaking puzzle games, man.


They just used some Ashes of War to help with the speech.


Rest in peace, Green Ranger. Fuck man, I felt this one in my childhood.


The authour of Chainsaw Man trying to prove to Twitter HE IS the authour of Chainsaw Man to get his account back is the funniest thing i've seen all day. Is his manga influencing the plot of his life?


i bought some Switch games that i was really anticipating: Persona 5R, Harvestella, Fighting Herds and today i will get Tactics Ogre R. But i made a mistake and bought Picross 8, and that's all i been playing! Curse you old man mentality!


The Pokemon Scarlet leaks are here! final evos for starters and all that. They look.... eeeeh.... interesting?


i bought Chasm the Rift Remaster, a forgotten FPS from the Doom/Quake era that was just released on GoG for like 7 bucks. Totally worth it, is as chunky as i remember, and even include the original game. Gives me hope for an Heretic/Hexen remaster!


oh man, looks like encrypting the character did nothing to stop the NSFW scene for Overwatch 2. A week, that was all.


Glad to see the Street Fighter 6 beta allows for these kind of monstrosities. Player expression!


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