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Against common sense, i finished Atelier Ryza a week ago and got Ryza 2 yesterday. And you know? it's a beautiful game on Switch. It runs well, the art direction is on point and more importantly, i really like Ryza as a main character.


I know its probably not the most important game announced in the Nintendo Direct, but im really glad they are releasing IB on consoles. An RPG Maker cult classic if i've ever seen one.


Top 8 Street Fighters V is about to start! is kinda weird that is not closing the night at EVO 2022, but man that line up is killer. And "DAIGO, ACTIVE YEARS: 30" blew me away. What a legend.


With the upcoming release of Tactics Ogre Reborn, i went back to my old save from the PSP version (transferred to my Vita) and god dammit, im 186 hours in and i havent finished the Palace of the Dead! so prepare for a loooong game folks!


that Pokemon direct was alright. I still have my reservations about it, but it looks good and it has interesting features. I wonder how the raid battles are going to work... who is going to catch the pokemon in between the 4 participants?


oh goodie, i finally experienced the dreaded "drifting" of Switch left analog while playing Xenoblade. Damn it, i'll get it fixed tomorrow, and i was just getting into it!


i was caught in the hoopla for Xenoblade 3 and finally bought the first one. So far is fine, the voice acting is kinda whack and switching to japanese doesn't help a lot. But it looks great, and the cities are far bigger than the average RPG. Excited!


Summer event in Genshin was interesting but with obnoxious puzzles... like always. Did we get a glimpse of a new character at the end???


Question for Switch Lite owners: Does Bayonetta 2 runs well on it? i'm feeling the hype for Bayo 3 and i want to play the second, but i dont know if its better on a regular Switch or the Lite. Any opinions?


back from a five days trip to the countryside, get to my apartment and realize i left the refrigerator open.... now all my food leftovers have spoiled. Still, it was great to live in a place without traffic, contamination and tv.


Now that Nier Automata is coming to Switch with "exclusive costumes"... are we going to get this? or 9S as freaking Toad?


Crisis Core is definitely one of my favorite FF games. I am so ready to cry again!


Damn that Resident Evil Village DLC! it looks like the perfect excuse to give the game another run... in third person. Also, we can finally see Ethan face.


i like this guy. He seems like hes having fun! also, thank god Street Fighter is not stuck in SF2 era anymore and both Chun Li and Ryu seem older (and Chun Li has retired from being a cop or whatever she was).


Fantastic! crypto currency is the first think that comes to mind when i think about Ni No Kuni or Studio Ghibli.


This spinoff of Batman sure goes to weird places. (its a variant cover drawn by Yoshitaka Amano)


in the end, i read the Wikipedia entry for Wandavision and went to see Dr. Strange 2. It was.... good. There are some sketchy stuff there, and i couldn't sympathize with Wanda at all. But overall very entertaining, it even had some jumpscares!


Today is not "cursed burger day" by Taterchimp, but this is some eldritch shit right here. And from Salem, no less.


i didn't knew that Tracer was hit with a serious case of "Yoko Ono's Ass" in between Overwatch 1 and 2. Hmm...


i went drinking last night, and today i had "surprise" guest and keep drinking at lunch hour. Current status:


One thing Dark Souls 2 did i wish other FromSoft games would do is to reset the areas to their New Game Plus equivalent. I know it would be jank, and probably broken, but man i wish to experience the Radahn fight again without the nerf. Bummer.


Alright, 13 Sentinels is fantastic. The story is engaging and the characters too. Maybe 1 too many Madoka references, but great. The battles are... ok? i guess? But the graphics are beautiful! i imagine on the OLED look even better. Blessed Vanillaware!


No physical version of 13 Sentinels for me. The game store didn't bought it because "it looked like it wouldn't sell". Damn it, and they fill their shelves with Funko Pops, as if those sell well... Digital it is then.


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