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Random question: looking for a game to chill with. Have they fixed the performance issues with those latest Pokémon games yet?


Prepare yourselves. I'm about to speak the words I never thought I'd speak. I'm burning out on Nioh 2. The NG+ grind is getting rough. Might be time for a break


Today was my last(ish) day at my favorite job so far. So excited for what I'm moving on to, but man was it bittersweet. First time I've left a job where I wasn't ready to leave, but the new opportunity was just too damn good to pass on


Ah, fuck, time to fight Otakemaru again. I love Nioh 2, but I hate this fight. It's basically "oh, you didn't do a magic build? Good luck!"


I swore I wouldn't do it yet, but I was weak. Bought RE4. I thought the new MLB game came out today, but finding out that's next week sealed my fate


While I still feel Wo Long was great, now that I'm almost through with my fresh replay of Nioh 2, Nioh is overall a much stronger game. I'm hoping for a sequel, though. Hopefully it can do what Nioh 2 did for that series


Anyone played the new Star Ocean? Worth $36 on Steam or wait for a deeper discount?


Learned last night that going straight from Wo Long back to Nioh is rough. Died at least 5 times trying to deflect with circle, which, um, isn't a thing in Nioh 2.


2 TRIES MOTHERFUCKERS!! Sorry, couldn't contain myself. I'd been dreading the final boss of Wo Long after hearing how hard it was. 2. Mother. Fucking. Tries. Goddamn I love this game


Close to the end of Wo Long. Definitely the current frontrunner for my GOTY. Can’t wait for the sequel if it happens. I imagine it’ll be like Nioh 2, same game with new systems and more enemy variety


Can't wait for Scream 6, even though it's gonna be another week before I get the chance to see it. This series blows my mind. Some aren't as great, but it's 6 movies in without one true stinker


With the run they're on (Nioh 2, Strangers of Paradise, and now Wo Long), I'd love to see what Team Ninja would do with a new Ninja Gaiden. I'd love even more to see what they'd do with Nioh 3


Man, Wo Long's difficulty is all over the place. Lu Bu was tough as nails, but the couple so far after him are a joke. But these damn 2 or 3 on 1 side mission fights are some straight up bullshit


Gave notice to my CEO today. That was a rough conversation. Went well, but we’ve built a strong personal connection, making it extra tough. Thankfully he agreed that I really had no choice, this opportunity is just too good to pass up


Based on the achievement I just got, I'm further into Wo Long than 96% of the players in the Xbox ecosystem! I feel special Oh, and Lu Bu? Bastard of a boss, SO GODDAMN GOOD!


Not gonna make the call now on day 2, but Nioh 2, you got a contender for your spot on top of my favorites list! My only concern with Wo Long is that it feels like it's getting easier and easier


Oh I’m gonna annoy the shit out of y’all about Wo Long. Finally clicked with me last night, and hot DAMN is this game fantastic!


From the IGN Wo Long review: "You can even hold down the block button while also attempting to deflect, making it so that even if you’re too late on the deflection timing, you’ll still block the attack." I'm sorry, WHAT?! Guess I gotta try again


My wife's been watching the original Gossip Girl and...I don't hate it! OK, I fucking love it. It's 100% not a good show, but goddamn is it fun to watch. And the acting choices the guy who plays Chuck makes are fucking FASCINATING.


Apparently I had $45 sitting in my Steam Wallet from a refund. Yeah, I'd say Octopath 2 is worth 15 bucks!


Got an offer on what could be one hell of a promising job! Coming in to build the finance function for a start-up with a product that could be HUGE (not gonna go into specifics). Pay's the same as I'm at now, but equity could be life-changing later on


Yeah, I'll stick to Nioh 2. That parry mechanic in Wo Long is not for me


Jesus, Suicide Squad looks worse than the fucking movie.


Finally, I can make the post I wanted to make drunk at 2 am! I am fucking HORNY for this new PGA game coming from EA. 30 courses, including Torrey Pines and Augusta? Hell fucking yeah!


OK, I think I can get into Returnal now. Playing with a mouse is what I've been waiting for! 144 fps with ray tracing doesn't hurt either!


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