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I have a morbid curiosity about Gotham Knights at $30 on the Epic Store. Guess I could always refund it within the 2 hour gameplay period


June's looking interesting! We have the questionably grimdark Final Fantasy up against the refreshingly grimdark Diablo. Would've been a lot easier if one had been free! (Thanks a lot FTC)


Mike Flanagan Dark Tower series? Yes please!


Gotta say, the Last of Us show looks pretty promising! I wish they'd just let him use his real accent though. It's not even that it's a bad accent, it's just distracting because I know what Pascal is supposed to sound like


I am already head over heels in love with Midnight Suns. Just don't go in expecting XCOM. It's basically Magic, but with just enough movement in the field to trick newbies into thinking it's not a TCG


See comment below about Midnight Suns shader stutter. Apparently it's far worse for Callisto Protocol on PC. How the hell is this still happening?


Another day, another shitty PC version. Within 10 minutes of playing, Midnight Suns seems to have shit the bed. More in comments


I know some of yall have been saying it since the beta, but Darktide fucking SLAPS


I'm enjoying Bumper in Berlin WAY more than I expected to. Possibly the most surprising comedy since Ghosts. I get it, though. The showrunner is Megan Amram, one of the key voices behind The Good Place. If you liked Pitch Perfect, give it a shot!


First 300 yard drive! Granted, the hill helped


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c%20 How are these guys still so damn good?!


Well this is fucking weird. My PC has started freaking out when I stand up. I'll get up from my chair, then suddenly the screen cuts out and the fan goes into overdrive. Only thing I can think of is I'm somehow making a PSU connection wiggle


Went into Nope expecting Close Encounters. I got *spoiler redacted and in comments*. Was surprised, but happy


Is there another cut of It Chapter 1 out there? Could have sworn there was a scene when Henry tried to cheat off Ben on a test, but apparently not. What the hell movie/show am I thinking of?


I'm thinking about proposing to my wife that we skip all presents and instead plan a Europe trip. I'll just sneak in the fact that I want to plan it around the Iron Maiden tour next summer (we are NOT on the same page music-wise)


Anyone out here played GTFO? Is it one of those where you need a designated group, or are runs viable with randoms? Looks like my cup of tea, but my free time's too unpredictable for arranged sessions


Seriously tempted to spend the 20 bucks on RDR 2 in the Steam Sale, even though I own it on EGS. Just seems easier than the bullshit I have to do to make it work on the Deck.


Brace yourselves. I'm about to start going all Soulbow/Siege on Nioh 2 again. I figured with COVID getting us stuck at home, I could either play Ragnarok, or I could find out how well odachi pairs with spear. Game of the fucking century yall. 100% serious


Happy Steam Sale Day everyone! Make poor choices


Of course Arby's brings back the burger when I've lost all taste due to COVID. Try it y'all. It's damn good.


Me to my wife, who officially caught my COVID


COVID round 3, let's goooooooo!!!!!


So apparently Timothy Chamalamadingdong is in a horror(ish) movie directed by the Call Me By Your Name guy, and it's out next week? It looks pretty intriguing. Bones and All


Bucket list item booked! I’m in Vegas for work, flying out Wednesday afternoon, and just booked a 6:30 am tee time for TPC Vegas. Can’t freaking wait to play golf on the side of canyons!


This has been a beautiful weekend. For those who think America’s hopelessly split, what I just experienced proves it isn’t. More in comments


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