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Oh fucking hell. My wife and I are starting to look at adoption. Babies? Hard as hell, but it's what we're hoping for. Until about a minute ago. More in comments


After three attempts to start Elden Ring, it's finally clicked. I don't know why I tried to get fancy with bleed or dex builds. I'm a strength guy, always will be. Even in Nioh, I'm basically odachi-exclusive


Rewatching The Sacrament after listening to a Jonestown podcast. Love this movie. The one complaint I have? Needed about 500 more extras to really sell the horror of that shit


It's been bugging me for the past 45 minutes watching the Gacy Tapes documentary, but I finally figured it out. Gacy looks like Adam Scott in a fat suit


I’m 20 hours into Scarlet Nexus. I just figured out I can double jump. Or I forgot. Not sure which


I guess I'm officially hester2523 on the front page now. The old trick of recovering your login doesn't work when the Discus popup has a ... in the big string of letters


I kept getting distracted, but on my third attempt at Scarlet Nexus, I'm pretty deep in. This game is fucking BONKERS. I love it


Shit just got real at work. Can't go into detail due to NDA's, but me and the CEO may be about to do a road show to get some cash. The past few weeks have been crazy stressful, but also pretty fucking fun. Turns out I love M&A. Who'd have thought?


Just finished another rewatch of Dune. God I love this movie. Yeah, I can nitpick stuff that veered from the book. But when I'm watching the movie? Doesn't even cross my mind. That equals a good adaptation in my mind


Yall. The craziest shit happened today. I was at Target, and there were 6 Series X's just sitting there. At retail, ready to buy. Needless to say, my wallet's about $500 lighter


God I hope Villenueve makes Messiah, or even better, Children of Dune. That original trilogy is just an entire series of “oh fuck” twists. If he can somehow make the following books filmable, more power to him


Can someone reshare the steps to log in to Discus on the front page with our legacy account again?


15 minutes in and already in love with Miracle Workers. Laugh out loud funny, and then Radcliffe comes out of nowhere with a tearjerker outburst. So far it feels like a mix of Good Place and 30 Rock


I liked No Way Home! I feel like it's one of those that I'll enjoy more on my second viewing. Way too much "best ever" hype for a movie that was just "really good." A lot of fun, but Winter Soldier is still easily my #1 MCU flick. By a mile


Time zones are a hell of a thing. It’s 1:30 here in Atlanta. Meanwhile my brain still thinks it’s in Vegas and perfectly reasonable to be awake


This could wind up to be a life changing week. My boss and I flew out to Vegas to discuss buying a pretty big company, and we walked away with a firm handshake agreement. If this happens, it will triple the size of our company


Schmidt on New Girl might be the greatest comedy character arc ever. The guy goes from career-obsessed, commitmentphobe douchebag to devoted husband and stay at home dad. And is so damn lovable every step of the way. I love this show


I don't get the hate Borderlands 3 receives. Sure, it's not game of the year, and the humor is grating. But it's so damn fun.


The wife and I are 2 episodes into Minx on HBOMax, and it is fantastic. For added comedy, once you watch the premiere, pull up the New Girl podcast "Welcome to our Show" and listen to the interview with Jake Johnson.


I am way more pumped for the new Michael Bay movie Ambulance than I should be. It sounds like a return to his older style, for those who enjoy it. Sure, there's not much to them, but I love The Rock, Bad Boys, and Armageddon (to a lesser extent).


Having restarted Elden Ring on the far more stable PS5 version (Jesus that PC port), I'm not far enough in to judge, but so far...eh? I mean, great game, opinion may change, but I kinda prefer curated Souls so far over open world. Easy 8.5 at least though


I am absolutely loving Fear Street 1994. It's basically an old Fear Street book with a little bit of Goosebumps mixed in, but made for someone who is now an adult but read those books as a kid. It's far better than it had any right to be


Still loving Titans, but man, they really shot their wad early with Trigon. He should have been endgame. Also, he shouldn't have looked like an early season Buffy villain


As much as I trashed it when the trailers came out, now that I'm 8 episodes into Titans, I kinda fucking love it?


Apparently the FFVII PC port has worked itself out, at least for those of us with Nvidia cards. Here's to hoping the same thing happens for Elden Ring. Although the stutter isn't gamebreaking, it's still unacceptable


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