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Apologies for the double post, but also need to say: King Richard? We watched it today, and wow. Absolutely incredible movie. Great performances all around. Would love to see a follow-up that goes deeper into their careers


Here I am with all these new games from the Steam sale (Deathloop, Alyx, Black Mesa) and what do I do tonight? Start a fresh character on Nioh 2. What is wrong with me? Spoiler alert: nothing, because Nioh 2 is fucking awesome


Oh hell yes. I just saw that there's a season 2 of Love Life. The wife and I loved the first season focusing on Anna Kendrick. This one's focused on William Jackson Harper, aka Chidi from The Good Place. Can't wait to watch it


My Steam Sale plans: Alyx for $30, Sekiro for $38, maybe a JRPG I already own on another system (leaning toward Tales of Arise or FFXV if the price is right - it's marked as on sale, but the discount isn't showing)


I must have gotten drunk and left the Xbox on a few times. Top 5, in order: Alan Wake (good game, but definitely not most hours) COD4 (easily the real number 1) FH4 (yup) Halo 3 (yup) Outer Worlds (I played that on Xbox?)


Me playing the Avengers campaign for the second time:


Finally took the plunge on a Quest 2. When chainsaw guy got right up in my face in RE4VR…WHEW


Just finished episode 1 of Dark. I'm intrigued. Strong opening. I'd been hearing good things for years, but finally decided to take the plunge when I heard it described as "adult Stranger Things + Twin Peaks + 2001 A Space Odyssey"


Hot take: Blade Trinity is actually pretty damn fun. Not good. Not by a long shot. But fun as hell to watch.


Biggest surprise of Halo so far? It works. Besides a rough first hour with installation issues, it seems like it’s been pretty smooth. That’s unheard of these days


Damn, forgot how much I suck at Halo


Poor Outriders. They release some big news about an update coming tomorrow and expansion next year on the same day that Halo surprise launches


GOTY Edit: Fix in the comments


Follow-up to my earlier post: HAPPY MOTHERFUCKING HALO DAY!!


Happy Maybe Halo Day!


Interested to see what this "colossal" free update to Outriders is. It definitely had its flaws, but it was still a fun little game


Eurogamer just posted that the Microsoft Store on PC is about to start letting you install games wherever you want! Best damn news I've heard all day!


Damn, Midnight Mass. You were predictable as hell, but that last "allahu akbar" got me. It got me good. If you haven't watched it, do so. Do so right now


MOTHERFUCKER!! Nioh’s better anyway


Gamefly's got a sale going on right now. A lot of good deals, but the one that stands out the most is Metroid Dread for $45!


I've recently realized, I probably spend more time on here talking to you weirdos about games (and recently Dune) than I do actually playing games. And you know what? I'm pretty fucking cool with that


Having just finished Dune Messiah, WB is gonna be mega-dumb if they let these films end with Part 2. Play their cards right, make one more movie, then start it as a show for Children of Dune. Could be the next GOT


Duuuuuude. I've always played COD on console, but I decided to pick up Vanguard now that I got a 3060. Holy. Hell. It's night and day. I actually feel good at COD again for the first time in 15 years!


Braves win, Dawgs win, got tickets to see both Dune and Soho this coming week, and it's Halloween. Life is pretty damn good right now


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