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Don't worry folks, the biggest threat to your privacy remains *check notes* TikTok and the EULA of that Russian Bioshock clone on Game Pass. Carry on!


...okay maybe From Soft was on to something with this Elden Ring game 😂 (vid below, it's absolutely worth your time lol)


Okay. I'm done with Dead Space 2. This final level is genuinely an affront to the art medium. One of the worst experiences I've ever had with a video game. Everyone responsible for this should be sent directly the hague. No trial. Pic related


After looking at how Saints Row was shat out I had serious concerns about how Embracer would be handling their acquisition of SE's western studios. This is... not giving me confidence


Wow, so Prime "Remastered" is really a full on visual remake, on par w/ TLOU Pt 1, the Crash/Spyro trilogy remakes, or Halo 2 Anniversary. Very un-Nintendo like to only charge $40 for this, but that's pretty dope!


Y'all, Talos Principle is on sale for the first time in 3 years (literally). I wasn't able to finish it before it left Game Pass and I've been waiting since for it to go on literally any sale. My patience has been rewarded 😭 I'm so excited


Bold prediction: Prime 2 and 3 remastered will shadow drop this year ahead of Prime 4, a cross gen Switch 2 launch title releasing in March 2024. Boom.


Former Retro dev reacts to completing Prime Remastered. Kind of fucked up that his entire team's names were omitted from the credits considering the majority of the code behind this remaster was their work. Pretty bad practice IMO


So Scorn. The reviews at the time were pretty spot on. The atmosphere and puzzle solving is actually pretty solid, but boy is that combat atrocious. Just unplayably bad. That's 0-2 this week. I guess I spent all my good gaming karma on Dead Space 😅


Replaying Jedi Fallen Order and coming to the unfortunate conclusion that this game just... isn't fun to play? Cal is super weak and doesn't feel good to control. If it wasn't for the Star Wars IP and Metroidvania level design I don't think I'd enjoy this


Okay I genuinely loled


Tried to tell y'all it was real lol. Stop sleeping on my man Jeff, when he's got a source, he's got a source. Timing was off but the remaster is and was very much real, clearly 😂


Giant kudos to Jeremy Jayne and Noclip for making this (spoiler filled) video. I wasn't able to get into the gameplay of Signalis but I thought the narrative was really interesting. Glad that I can have a bit of second hand appreciation for what it did


SUCCESS! Dead Space is fixed after a bit of fuckery. Putting a minor PSA for folks in the replies below if you'd like to avoid the potential game breaking crash issues I was dealing with


So Dead Space is broke. Game crashed during Chapter 10 and won't boot back into the game. Every time I try it crashes during one of the opening studio/title logos. Tried erasing local saves, wiping cache, and a full reinstall. Nothing. Super cool stuff!


I'm sorry what?? Also, thank you Chris, et al for getting images working again 🙏


Absolutely lost it at them ditching the MGS-style radio to just project the characters face on screen during a call a la Dead Space. I expected the UI and controls to conform to OG Dead Space like the other REmakes did, but this was too much 😂


For whatever reason (speculate away, folks) Microsoft sent a statement to Gematsu saying the 360 store isn't shutting down in May, as had been reported. The previously circulated list of games being delisted this month is still happening tho


Sifting through the depths of delisted Xbox.com content so I can spend $30 on already-overpriced Left 4 Dead DLC before it disappears. I would almost rather be price gouged on 2nd hand game carts at this point


Welp. That's the last we're seeing of Halo this generation, I guess


I tried to tell folks this wasn't gonna be the thing that finally pushed VR gaming beyond a niche audience. It just ain't happenin 🤷‍♂️


Dead Space DF analysis dropped. John's loving it as much as I have so far. My 2 biggest concerns -- Issac's new voice acting and the zero-g changes -- are not only not bad, but they're actually *good*. Like better than the original somehow lol


Finally watched the TLOU premiere. Wildly exceeded what I could have hoped for. Wow. That is how you fucking adapt a video game. Needs to be the blueprint for how this is handled going forward. 5/5


Xbox Series X purchased 👍 Kinda wild that I got it from Newegg (no 3rd party seller) w/ free shipping + 2 days sooner than in store pickup at the local Best Buy I woulda needed to walk to anyway lol. Dead Space here I come!! 😃


I know we disagree on here sometimes, but there's one thing I figure we're on the same page about: these people are nuts 😂


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