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Metroid Prime Switch remaster seems to be finally happening, per Jeff Grubb... but it's just the first game for now, not the whole trilogy??


Almost missed it: happy 10 year anniversary to what is a defining achievement of this art medium. I hope another developer has the means and ability to make something this bold again in the future. Our culture is lesser for every day we go without one.


PSA for anyone reading tweets and press releases from your "favorite" companies this week, game studios included


Good news: the Obi-Wan finale is very enjoyable! Bad news: Doctor Strange 2 is comically bad. Like, Dark Phoenix/Morbius level bad, how on Earth did this script get greenlit lolol


Bad news: I didn't get a PS5. Good news: this experience has very quickly convinced me that no, I do not have the patience for this bullshit, and I won't be buying a next gen console til I can just go to a retailer and get one at my convenience lol


For those with experience: how does this work? Is there a good chance I'll get a console? Do I have to be mashing F5 at 2pm on the dot?


Hi! I am Western Gamer whose experience w/ JRPGs ends w/ Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts and who mostly enjoyed but wasn't blown away by the FF7R demo. Would I like this game? How grindy/technical is it? Will my dumb American brain appreciate it? Thanks!


Just rewatched the Starfield demo and I just... don't get how people aren't excited for this? Like especially the ending bit. This seems like the game I wished the first Mass Effect could have been... but now it's real! That's cool!!


PSA: the ability to outright buy PS1 Classics on PS4/PS5 seems limited to first party titles only. Even though I bought RE1 on PS3/PSP back in the day, the only way to play it seems to be with an active Plus Premium sub. Tekken 2 is similarly limited


Pretty good showing from MS, all things considered. Seems like they've got a pretty stacked first half of 2023. This holiday is looking... a bit barren tho


Checked my phone during a level ending cutscene on a PS Now game. Was afk for maybe 15 minutes, looked up and saw my session was ended. Loaded back up and realized I didn't hit "accept" so my progress didn't save. I fucking hate cloud gaming lol


Welp. I guess I gotta get that PS5 now, huh.


Hey Dtoid crew! I need your help. A normie friend of mine needs a gaming headset to play Fornite on Switch w/ his college buddies. Any suggestions?


If it's made by Toys for Bob again I won't bother. Crash 4 is such a soullessly tedious experiece that I have no desire grind through another one of their original creations. Can we unmerge Vicarious Visions from Blizzard maybe??


I get to play the cat game next month. All else aside I am very happy


Half way through and this Obi-Wan show is... actually solid? Seems like they're trying to make a good story, not just cram in meaningless crossovers or do whatever the algorithm says will get the most social media engagements. Which... yay!


Not "installed", but I've replayed (most of) Crash 2/3 and Super Mario World at least once a year for most of the years that I've spent on this planet. Nothing quite hits the dopamine receptors like childhood platformer muscle memory


20K comments and I got my badge! Haha


Bullying Works: Exhibit #6352


My expectations were low but holy fuck


If you're caught up on Clone Wars + Rebels but haven't started on Bad Batch, definitely do that. It's way better than I expected. They hide a lot of broader world building behind a really well written cast and conflict that you get super invested in


Finally saw the Uncharted movie. As a film adaption of the Uncharted games, it kinda sucks. As a generic adventure story about finding lost treasure it's... fine? Like totally serviceable as a mindless action movie.


Unless I'm missing something, Sony lied to everyone: they were never developing a new PS2 emulator for Plus Premium or adding any new titles to the PS4 "remaster" line. It's literally just the same fucking games that have been on PS4 for years.


I logged on to post a joke about Twitter's busted algorithm (Silent Hill is a song off Kendrick's new album; Ghostface is feature on the album, but not the song) but apparently there was a real Silent Hill leak today??? Kendrick Lamar truly the GOAT lol


Welp, there's that at least? Also: this means I can probably push off buying next gen consoles until next year lol


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