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My Uncle Eric, who introduced me to PC gaming and first person shooters w/ Half Life, just dug up this ~24 y/o drawing I made of the alien grunt from the first time I ever saw the game and y'all I am dead 😂😂🤣


Seeing the side by sides of how misleading the Forspoken sizzle reels were and was reminded of this. Things were better when you actually had to fucking play a game live in front of people. These "direct" streams are killing the industry.


Starting a GoFundMe to offer free therapy to every anime and game dev in Japan. Because jesus christ, who on Earth thought this was okay to release? Multiple times??


Halo Infinite currently outside the top 20 most played list on Xbox. With the layoffs to the 343 campaign team my expectation is that we don't see this franchise again until next generation. What an absolute disaster this is.


Well now we know why they've primarily stuck to cinematic trailers. This Avengers ass UI is a big yikes. With WB's cost cutting spree, their gaming division is prob on the block if this and Hogwarts Legacy don't perform. Not looking great atm


Relieved to see that even for a next/current gen exclusive w/ ray tracing there's still a 60 FPS mode available. Hope this remains the standard for the gen -- idc about pushing more polygons, just scope your games right, devs 🤷‍♂️


Sony Stop Filling Plus With Game Pass Leftovers Challenge (impossible)


PSA: Back 4 Blood Ultimate Edition is at a new all time low $30 (70% off) on PS4/PS5. The latest expansion (included w/ the UE) is out and it's a fucking blast. Criminally underrated game, if you missed it at launch


PSA, mostly for the younger Dtoid folks who didn't live through the 360 or PS2 launches and impulsively never stand their consoles up vertically


My new year's resolution is to convince myself that, no, jumping back into that old save file will not be too hard, don't start over or drop it entirely, you'll be grateful you toughed it out and finished something from your backlog!


I've been saying this for 2 years but people are still convinced that Bloomberg just fabricated that entire story 😂


Thoughts? My votes would be Ratchet 2 or Vice City. Both classics that would benefit not just from modern visuals, but modern mechanics.


High on Life is number 2 on Steam (behind Steam Deck), number 2 on Windows Store (behind Solitare), number 1 on Game Pass, and number 3 on Xbox (behind 2 F2P MP titles). Even if this game ain't your thing, it's hard to understate what a success it's been


This tracks. There is very clearly a type of game that I got to PlayStation for 😂


So I played High on Life. Man, this is a really fucking stupid video game.... I love it!


With just a couple of exceptions, 2022 was a pretty disappointing year for me when it came to new releases. Just the first couple months of next year are looking substantially better. What are you all looking forward to?


Seemed like they were setting up for a Ragnarok sweep but no, it had to be Elden Ring 🙄 time to put the Twitter keyword mutes back on lol


Playing the Lego Skywalker Saga and my mind is blown. The game itself is just fine... but I haven't even *seen* a Lego game since the Complete Saga lol. Like jumping from Halo 3 to Halo Infinite! Feels like I've gone through a time machine 😂


This is the subtext of the news that ZeniMax QA is voting to unionize: in exchange for Microsoft's neutrality, CWA is publicly backing their bid to buy ActiBlizz. Will be fascinating to see if buying AB leaves MS w/ a wave of unionized employees...


Spencer recently alluded to price hikes in the Xbox ecosystem, and this felt like the obvious pick. Sony and most 3rd parties have long since moved to $70 MSRP for new games, so it's not surprising MS is following suit


Anyone here try Somerville? I had put it on hold to beat Ragnarok (which was excellent!) and just gave it a go today. I really want to like this game, as somebody who adored Inside, but man... this is really not enjoyable for me to play??


Very grateful the miniboss checkpoint accessibility setting was added to Ragnarok. Even w/ max level + dropping to lowest difficulty there's an optional boss I couldn't beat. Glad I wasn't robbed of this story like w/ the valkyries in the last game


Never a good sign when a "AAA" game releases in <24 hours and there are zero reviews out. Either the game is coming in very hot (read: broken) or its being embargoed because it isn't very good. Buyer be warned...


For the uninitiated (me) is every RE game like this? Just a comical amount of herbs I don't need but never enough ammo even with 85%+ accuracy? If so, why?? Lol


So was anybody else stubborn enough to just brute force all the dial locks in RE2? Also, should this be considered cheating?


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