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Literally crying at this. The comedic timing is perfect. Link in the replies. No actual spoilers, contrary to the username warning here


So that's a wrap on ReCore. Beat all the content and did pretty much everything short of some grindy achievement hunting. It was good! Feels like what Jak & Daxter 2/3 should have become. Would be down for a sequel, for sure


Got an IGN editor so upset on the bird app that he made a poll about me. How's everybody else's day been so far? Lol


Me: "I don't need to buy a Switch for Tears of the Kingdom, I already have it at home." My TotK at home:


PSA: My Friend Pedro is leaving Game Pass on the 15th. Had an absolute blast and highly recommend trying it before it leaves. Maybe the "coolest" game I've played in a while and I laughed a ton. Can be beaten in 1 to 2 sittings so not a major investment


Spencer's led Xbox for 9yrs. MS gave him billions to build its dev studios and I've seen him make excuses like these in interviews every single year. I'm fucking tired. Spencer's tenure at Xbox has been a failure. No one's left to blame but him.


Okay so I know this is bordering on qpost spamming and obviously Google Translate (for a romanization no less) is not exactly reliable but gd this shit goes so hard (sort of spoiler warning for the credits of S4P1 of AOT?)


The amount of information that gets dropped on you in late season 3/early season 4 in Attack on Titan is just... I wanna form thoughts but I'm struggling rn lol. It's so much! Definitely gonna need to watch all this twice (which is good!)


A number of Redfall reviews seem to be leaking before the embargo and the response has been overwhelmingly negative. I thought this game looked cool from day 1 and was excited to see what the Prey team did next. Really disappointing if this is a miss =(


Surprising how journalist blacklisting always gets brought up for the likes of Bethesda and Ubisoft but never for Nintendo (narrator: it was not, in fact, surprising)


No shit, Grounded might gbe the best thing Microsoft has published in a decade (short of maybe Forza Horizon?) I cannot believe how much free content the game continues to get -- I thought they were done! Obsidian is the GOAT


Ya love to see it, folks 👍


Whoever had "Dead Island 2 will be the most polished major release through the first third of 2023" on their batshit prediction bingo card, congratulations you crazy bastard! Lol


First the massive layoffs to the single player team, then Staten leaves MS, now this. I don't think 343i is ever going to lead another Halo game. Keep an eye on Certain Affinity and the COD teams. Safe bet one or both are put in charge of a Halo reboot


Learning that this died so Alpha Protocol could live, bomb, and then quickly turn into abandonware? Oof


Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to report that Season 3 Part 2 of Attack on Titan is back on track! The mid-season premiere is a hell of a stage setter. Spoilery bits within


PSA: Sony is removing Insomniac's Spider-Man from the Plus catalog. If 1st party titles aren't staying indefinitely like they do on Game Pass I don't think this bodes well for the future of the service. Heads up for anyone considering a long term sub


PSA: Xbox spring sale is currently going on. A bunch of games and DLC are on sale including 1st party and back compat stuff. Worth checking out. Here's some of the titles seeing new all time low prices


Took a few weeks off Attack on Titan after finishing season 2 but just started back on 3. No spoilers but hoo boy this shit has gone completely off the rails lmao. Pic tangentially related


Don't ask me why I'm playing ReCore but this game seems... fun? Definite PS2-era shooter platformer vibes, which I fuck with. For the folks who played it, how did you all feel about this game?


It may be poor form to doubt Sony's business acumen after the PS5 just had unprecedented Q1 sales, but a glorified Wii U GamePad and a "PS5 Pro" w/ marginally improved ray tracing feels like 2 colossally bad business decisions, no?


No other way to state it: these are catastrophically bad numbers. Sony's initial projection was 2M, then revised down to 1M. We could be looking at Sony ending VR software development in a couple years if they can't dramatically change course here


Man, this account is great. Always helping to save me time on the internet with useful and accurate information. As someone who has never beaten RE4 I found this very informative so I wanted to share with you all!


I'm glad Japan continues to put out great games, but I really wish these devs did a better job on the technical side of things. Fans shouldn't have to deal w/ performance problems like this. Same was true of Forspoken and Elden Ring


Question: are there any Diablo style isometric dungeon crawlers on Game Pass? Specifically ones that don't go for an overly stylized or "cartooney" look? A friend asked and I didn't have a good suggestion for him...


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