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Playing the Lego Skywalker Saga and my mind is blown. The game itself is just fine... but I haven't even *seen* a Lego game since the Complete Saga lol. Like jumping from Halo 3 to Halo Infinite! Feels like I've gone through a time machine 😂


This is the subtext of the news that ZeniMax QA is voting to unionize: in exchange for Microsoft's neutrality, CWA is publicly backing their bid to buy ActiBlizz. Will be fascinating to see if buying AB leaves MS w/ a wave of unionized employees...


Spencer recently alluded to price hikes in the Xbox ecosystem, and this felt like the obvious pick. Sony and most 3rd parties have long since moved to $70 MSRP for new games, so it's not surprising MS is following suit


Anyone here try Somerville? I had put it on hold to beat Ragnarok (which was excellent!) and just gave it a go today. I really want to like this game, as somebody who adored Inside, but man... this is really not enjoyable for me to play??


Very grateful the miniboss checkpoint accessibility setting was added to Ragnarok. Even w/ max level + dropping to lowest difficulty there's an optional boss I couldn't beat. Glad I wasn't robbed of this story like w/ the valkyries in the last game


Never a good sign when a "AAA" game releases in <24 hours and there are zero reviews out. Either the game is coming in very hot (read: broken) or its being embargoed because it isn't very good. Buyer be warned...


For the uninitiated (me) is every RE game like this? Just a comical amount of herbs I don't need but never enough ammo even with 85%+ accuracy? If so, why?? Lol


So was anybody else stubborn enough to just brute force all the dial locks in RE2? Also, should this be considered cheating?


Anybody else have their L1/R1 bumpers die on their DualSense? I've only had my PS5 for a few months but my R1 has crapped out playing Ragnarok. It doesn't click anymore and it's really impacting my ability to play the game well. Kinda not great!


New Noclip doc just dropped. This CD retrospective is great. Two big takeaways: (1) Naughty Dog owes a great deal of its success to CD and (2) CD frames Avengers as something they *wanted* to MP-ify which... idk if I believe that 😂


PSA: every Sony first party game from the past 3 years is on sale on PSN right now and every one of them is an all time low price.


Dtoid is my mom's house in the suburbs. I grew up here. And I love y'all. I still visit friends and hit the local bar but it's never *quite* the same as "the old days". But Twitter? Twitter is where I've lived for the past 8 years. I'm so fucking sad rn


Microsoft going for the jugular this holiday. Very curious to see how this shakes out and how many PS5s Sony can produce -- safe bet they'll sell as many as they can make!


Hot take that shouldn't be a hot take: sprinkling hundreds of pieces of disconnected lore across a 100+ hr open world game is not a "narrative". Games in this style shouldn't be nominated for awards recognizing achievements in creating game narratives


Are the sigil arrow puzzles in God of War Ragnarok the worst thing that's ever been put in a video game and why is the answer yes?


With the latest round of Activision Blizzard regulator news, I was thinking about what Xbox Studios might have looked like if it was organically acquiring and maintaining its 1st and 2nd party studios over the years and, well. Room for improvement.


Just sitting in my apartment watching Batman clips and hysterically crying. I can't believe he's gone, man. Just absolutely fucking gutted right now


When a character in Ragnarok references Kratos having defeated the Valkyries


Red wave? Blue wave? Nay: ᴋ ᴇ ʏ ʙ ʟ ᴀ ᴅ ᴇ


I somehow missed (forgot?) that Playdead's co-creator left, formed their own studio, and their game is out *checks notes* this month?? And it's on Game Pass???


Happy 20th Birthday to one of the longest running, most successful franchises in the history of PlayStation -- here's high latency, low bitrate 720p streaming versions of a PS3 port collection which has notoriously bad slowdown issues. Enjoy!!


Oh boy, movie hot takes! Here we go: every live action super hero movie before Iron Man, other than the first two X-Men films, is bad. The reason you think otherwise is because you were a teenager at the time, and everything in your life was better then


Lmao. This is gonna move 5M in a year, be demeed a resounding success, and sales are gonna fall off a cliff after that. Comically uncompetitive price point for AA gimmick games and walking sims. Sony is a deeply unserious company.


Very excited for this. Real Bioshock vibes to it. Trailer drops tomorrow


Bayo isn't my thing, but I've heard nothing but good things from folks about the overall game. Bummer the tech side isn't up to snuff tho. Feels like we might finally get that "Switch 2" announcement next year


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