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Plus updates: Miles Morales was a blast, but criminally short. FF7R is beautiful but these games ain't for me. Jak II is irredeemably bad and I've given up on it. Stray was incredible!!


Translation: Unity signed up to help the US government more effectively murder civilians in occupied countries. Very cool stuff!


Reminder that this also applies to video games, and any corporation that puts effort into suing ROM repositories, modders, and emulator developers is actively working to destory the history of this art medium. Piracy = preservation


Prey (2022) asks a question: what if we took Predator, but swapped the time period the way Assassin's Creed games do? The answer is very satisfying, and I hope it becomes the formula for the franchise going forward. Feudal Japan Predator next, please!


When the Fox sale got approved, my prediction is that the future of media was gonna be Disney, Amazon, and Warner, with one of them buying the debt-ridden corpse of Netflix. Now it seems like we're just getting a Disney-Amazon duopoly. Fun!


PSA: The Quarry is on sale in a few places right now, and if you're considering buying it... maybe don't? It's kinda not good! Really unsatisfying attempt to recapture the magic of Until Dawn. Some okay stuff but largely a mess. Do not recommend. 2/5


So Mafia Definitive Edition? A surprisingly good and polished throwback to a simpler time for game development. Only ever played Mafia II on 360 back when, but I really enjoyed this. Getting the trilogy on sale for just $24 was an absolute steal


Good evening. I'm on the subway, coming back from watching the Mets sweep the Yankees. Gonna go pool shark my buddies after secretly practing as Jake on Multiversus. Hope y'all are well. Image tangentially related.


This claim is... a little insane? I can believe Sony would try to buy SE, but dumping Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal for pennies because Sony doesn't even want them is just... they can't be that dumb, right? SE or Sony, that is


Double post, but Alex (adorably) read my username as "c t g x eighty uh, x sixty-seven" because his PC-brain is hard wired to see "x86" everywhere lmao


Very late to the party, but I finally watched Everything Everywhere All At Once and god damn was there an excessive amount of ugly happy crying in my apartment last night! If you missed this, watch it, it's easily one of the best films I've seen in years


This looks excellent, it's everything I wanted out of this game, and I'm looking forward to getting a PS5 so I can play it!


Bought a 256GB USB drive on Newegg this year which cost less than one of these did, unadjusted for inflation. And it's like half the size lol. Wild.


Halo Infinite co-op is a real blast. All the open world schlock that is so tedious in solo becomes way more fun with a buddy. Shame this wasn't ready for launch but glad it's here now, at least. Definitely recommend checking it out


PSA: Inside is a master class in environmental storytelling and everyone should play it. One of my favorite games of the generation.


Making a gaming to do list in the hopes that I'll maybe finish some things before starting on new stuff lol. What have you fine folks been playing of late?


PSA: It's not possible to get a refund on Xbox after 14 days. Bought Yakuza less than a month ago, (foolishly) didn't realize it had no English dub, but found out when I booted it up last week. My request was automatically denied. Lesson learned lol


FYC: the greatest gameplay trailer... ever? Top 10 at least, right? (Not including CG and cinematics)


Very grateful that 343 and Xbox made a conscious decision not to pour resources into this stuff. Can't imagine how much more strained Infinite development would be if they were also doing some VR thing


Not sure I can make it through Jak II. Gunplay is bad, the open world is tedious and time wasting, checkpoint spacing is painfully unforgiving, and I'm dreading the wave of Tony Hawk ripoff content I know is coming. What a disaster this has been so far


Tl;dr changing one line of code eliminates FromSoft bad frame pacing but addes 3-4 frames of latency. Would you take that trade off? Bluepoint Demon's Souls has a comparable latency gap b/w quality and performance modes, for reference


Happy "Slave Owners Starting a Successful Armed Insurgency Against Their Colonial Government Because They Didn't Want to Pay Taxes" Day!


Finally got around to beating Jak and Daxter. It was fun! Kind of janky by modern standards and the platforming isn't as tight as Crash 2&3. All and all tho, very solid. Looking forward to the (albeit more action focused) sequels


Playing Far Cry 5 (it's on Game Pass) and can't stop laughing at how they made cult a multiracial group of a non-specific religious denomination lololol


So I'm playing Death Stranding out of morbid curiosity. Any suggestions of fighting the dudes w/ stun sticks that track your packages? I have a mission there and can't beat them. Do I just... come back later? This game isn't great at explaining things...


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