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After weeks of folks bombarding every Arkane/Xbox tweet about Redfall with "when are you removing the always online DRM", it looks like they might finally do it. Good work, y'all 👍 lol


Lol motherfucker. I think I might like this Final Fantasy VII thing


My Plus sub expires on April 4. Won't be reupping, at least any time soon. Want to try one or two games from this "backlog" before it lapses. Suggestions?


So DF did a vid on the RE4 demo and (at 21:47) indicated there are some latency issues w/ the Xbox version? Booted it up on PS5 out of academic curiosity and hoooooooly shit is the difference night and day. It feels substantially better to play on PS5


Two interesting takeaways for me here: first, Tencent's mobile revenue (again, just mobile) is not far from the entire PC gaming market combined. Second, the video game market as a whole is roughly the size of Ukraine's pre-war economy (56th globally)


I'm 2 days late to the hot takes so I have none: I'm just so genuinely satisfied with the work they did adapting TLOU. Best live action gaming adaption ever and my favorite adaption of source material I already knew. Cannot fucking wait for season 2.


(This is a knock on egregious signposting, not RE4, every game does this now, please don't kill me lol)


For all the ways in which RE4 Remake abandons its original mechanics to adhere to Dead Space-esque modern controls, they still couldn't make a game that just... feels good to play? Anyway, here's a random RE meme:


Question: what do you consider to be some of the best examples of storytelling in video games? Not just the best stories, but the ones that do the best job telling those stories through this interactive medium. Here's a few of mine...


Rewatching House of Cards and completely forgot about this scene 😂 RIP Vita


Gave it a try. 8 deaths on the first boss was enough for me. Got him down to like 1/5th health a couple times but just can't close. Interesting game tho. Way less janky than Bloodborne, and I appreciate that they actually try to teach you stuff in game


I only understood half these words but it was still hard af ngl lol


I remember being on here when Infinite launched. Reception was overwhelmingly positive, and I felt crazy for thinking it was mediocre. Decade later, almost all of the responses to this are negative. Spoiler alert: Doom Eternal will be next 😉


I really wanna keep playing Atomic Heart but this "open world" shit is just... unplayable. Infinite spawning robots that can only be disabled temporarily and I can't unlock how until some point later in the game? Nah. I'm good man. You can keep this.


I am absolutely fucking fascinated by the 57th Expedition in Attack on Titan. The entire formation/smoke system, the Female Titan, the absolute brutality of it all. Never seen anything like this and I'm glued to my TV lol


For player's of Modern Warfare 2019 who think they recognize this: you do! The key difference: they retconed it as a Russian war crime, not an American one. If you were upset over Atomic Heart but never gave this the time of day, maybe ask yourself why?


I still have zero interest in a game like this, but it did make me realize someting I finally *would* want to play in VR w/ motion controls: walking sims like Gone Home or Tacoma


So this show is pretty cool! Boy is it super drawn out tho. Just spent 20min in front of a gate and nothing happened. Could-have-been-an-email ass episode 😂 Definitely sticking with it. Really interesting concept


I had pretty high hopes for Atomic Heart, so the game is definitely falling short of my expectations so far. That said, I'm still really enjoying it. Feels like a AA version of the game Bioshock Infinite should have been


Don't worry folks, the biggest threat to your privacy remains *check notes* TikTok and the EULA of that Russian Bioshock clone on Game Pass. Carry on!


...okay maybe From Soft was on to something with this Elden Ring game 😂 (vid below, it's absolutely worth your time lol)


Okay. I'm done with Dead Space 2. This final level is genuinely an affront to the art medium. One of the worst experiences I've ever had with a video game. Everyone responsible for this should be sent directly the hague. No trial. Pic related


After looking at how Saints Row was shat out I had serious concerns about how Embracer would be handling their acquisition of SE's western studios. This is... not giving me confidence


Wow, so Prime "Remastered" is really a full on visual remake, on par w/ TLOU Pt 1, the Crash/Spyro trilogy remakes, or Halo 2 Anniversary. Very un-Nintendo like to only charge $40 for this, but that's pretty dope!


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