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Link humming as he cooks in Tears of the Kingdom is beyond magical. As is returning to the Great Plateau. Call me a sycophant. I am one.


Shouldn't Nintendo be focussing on making a budget model instead of the oft-rumoured Pro version of Nintendo Switch as we go into 2021?


Which amiibo have you bought in 2018? I've got Wolf Link and a green Inkling Squid. That's it. My 5y.o. kid keeps pestering me to buy Mario Odyssey ones...


On torture in games

Hello! I just discovered this sitting in my drafts area from way back in November 2017. It's not as fully complete as I want it to be, but it's still something I'm pretty passionate about. I'll get right to it: this'll be about Grand T...


£5 Friday night bargain!


Morning/evening all. 10:15 a.m. in the UK. Does anyone know if there're any performance comparisons between The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Wii U versus Switch? I'm curious about the apparent differences I've read about. Many thanks dtoiders!


11 years after last switching on and the internal battery is still good!


SPOILER Just started Winter in The Last of Us. Still hooked.


Wonders if anyone seeing the new Mass Effect: Andromeda footage is hoping to romance a Hanar.



Nintendo NX to include HD DVD drive?

Nintendo today announced a major component of their next generation machine, currently codenamed NX: a HD DVD drive.  In an unprecedented move, it will allow consumers the freedom to play DVD discs for the first time on a Nintendo...


Somebody invent PIN protection for save games, please!

I'm currently having a blast with the one and only Super Mario 64 via Wii Virtual Console and having even more of a blast because my three-and-a-half year old son and I are running around Bomb-omb Battlefield together collecting all manner ...


Uhh, so is The Witness basically MYST for the 21st century? And will it be sold for a good ten years from now in various "classics" branded packaging for £5 a pop? (I'm both intrigued and annoyed for I have no machine to play it on).


Let's get met[a]! (featuring Metacritic scores)

After several years of reading (and loving) games journalism I still cannot fathom how entire development bonus payments can be decided on the whimsical nature of a metascore average.  Thus, to illustrate this foolishness, and pon...


What shall we do with the last-gen gamers?

Early in the morning.  No Fallout 4. No Just Cause 3. No Star Wars: Battlefront. Not even a whiff of Rainbow Six Siege. Nor any poor ports of any other current blockbusters. What's a last-gen action gamer to do this Christmas aside fr...


Where's my 007: SPECTRE game?!

(Sunday  13/12/15 I've managed to hide this for a few days because of my technical ineptitude and because I keep proof-reading and faffing around with it - so sorry and thank you for the comments!) Minor SPECTRE spoilers within a...


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

First impressions of MGSV are wholly positive. �The game, viewed within the context of its own series, has evolved. �The title screen features a grim-looking Snake/(Boss) looking out at you, so different to the weary salutes of Old Snake in...


A love/hate letter to GTA V.

Is Grand Theft Auto Online worth it? I, for one, do not believe so. To me, it seems like the normally glorious, jam-packed single-player mode Rockstar provides once every three or so years has had, to mangle a phrase, a little too much cosm...


My 7th Gen: Xbox 360 games of note

It's always strangely satisfying and yet utterly compelling to read countless articles listing the successes, failures and obscurities of a particular console generation. �The joy lies in recognising where you've had the same experiences as...


Why I joined Destructoid

This evening has been a heady rush for me in signing up to Destructoid. �I have spent the last three days, more or less, reading reviews for Call of Duty: Ghosts. �I am reeling from recent news that Blockbuster (UK) have been put into admin...


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