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The Platform Master

Ullillillia is a name that forum trolls from the early 2000's will remember fondly. In the bizarre haze of comedy sites like Something Awful, humor forums, and a time before memes had been solidified as the primary form of online enter...


Very happy to announce we have almost hit out goal of $1000 dollars in donations! RIP AND TEAR with us Nov. 6th for 24 hours, and donate to get a video of me doing horrible things to myself! https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.te


I am doing Extra Life again this year...24 hours of Doom Eternal on NIGHTMARE. VENGEANCE FOR DAISY!!! Please watch and donate if you can. Thank you! https://bit.ly/3mxXXlp


My reluctant transition into the digital age

I have always advocated for the ownership of physical media, right from the time when "eshops" and other similar digital services became available on console. I hate the idea of owning software that I do not have full permission to use...


A Brief Hello

It feels sort of weird coming back here...I have a complicated history with Destructoid. Mostly good. But I wasn't always well behaved, that's for sure. I left around two years ago I guess. I was on staff, never consistently contributi...


A quick guide to pre-registration in WoW Classic. 1. make sure you have a sub. 2. change your version in Battle.net. Classic will download. Login, pick server, have fun.


WTH is up with Shenmue 3?

I will say up front: I can't get images to work seemingly, and I also don't care. Images are for the weak. Or something. Anyways, I bought my Dreamcast back in grade 10, around 2001, 2002. This was the end of the systems short life cyc...


Bye bye Dtoid! Leaving my role as a staff writer at the end of the week. Health issues and other stuff...wish you all the best it has been a slice of delicious pie. Take care!


Review: RemiLore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore

I was excited for RemiLore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore. A Diablo-style action adventure where your main pickups are popsicles and candies, where you can wield a chocolate-covered banana as a weapon, all set in a bright and colorful...


Review: Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro 2

This is a bit of a strange one: a keyboard review on a video game website. Who would have known? But in my time at Destructoid, I have spoken to just as many developers who are fans of the site as I have general readership. They even put us...


Review: T.16000M FCS Hotas

One of my favorite games in the last few years is Elite Dangerous; a boring space trucking simulator which to some is going to be about as fun as filling in an Excel spreadsheet. To me though, it's a kind of magic, spacefaring bliss, a rela...


Review: Marble It Up!

The one thing we need on Switch is a new Super Monkey Ball. Sega has been slumping when it comes to that property; the last one I played was at a Chuck E. Cheese's and was nothing but bad ticket-earning fodder. That's a pale comparison from...


Review: Prison Architect

I like computer books. I have a shelf packed with programming textbooks, stories about the industry, and a library of eBooks on various languages I learn and work with. I also have one oddity published by O'Reily called Getting Started With...


Review: Star Control: Origins

It’s hard to talk about Star Control: Origins without talking about Star Control 2. SC2 is a game extremely near and dear to me. I originally played it on the Panasonic 3DO, that system nobody owned that cost an arm and a leg, where i...


Review: Super Dungeon Tactics

Before I had a house full of kids running around, I used to have game night with friends. One night we sat down with a cool looking board game called Super Dungeon Explore. It reminded me a little of my favorite board game growing up, Hero ...


Review: Haunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle

My biggest disappointment of 2018 is that I am not able to use the subtitle “Hyakki-Suck” to describe Haunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle. It really is just a darn shame, but you can’t win ‘em all. I have a little soft s...


The Dragon Quest rhythm game we never got to play

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is one of my favorite Final Fantasy games. I frankly only really enjoy two or three games in the series, so the best part for me is the music. I can’t think of a single game in the series that doesn’t h...


The 3DS might have the better version of Dragon Quest XI

After I spent about a week of frustrated time getting Dragon Quest X to run on my PC, I looked at my collection of Dragon Quest games and was a bit dismayed. I own at least one version of every Dragon Quest game in the main series and a cou...


Review: Holy Diver Collector's Edition

I am ecstatic that I can go online today and buy so many new games for old systems. Just a few years ago, the only options similar to this at least on the NES were reproduction carts – games that either never came out in the west or n...


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