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Ayyy what a shock, Roiland was also kind of an ass behind the scenes on Rick and Morty. Lines up real nice with the lawsuit and the DMs shared when that news broke.


Alright time for some Direct predictions that I'm totally gonna get wrong.


Finished Hi-Fi Rush last night. My god.


Alright the cafeteria fight in Hi-Fi Rush was fucking siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.


Doing on call work until Wednesday morning, already worked 17 and a half hours. Got that day booked off as a break. Hoping to finish Hi-Fi Rush before then, gonna take a look at a local card game store and start the Tallgeese Fluegel kit then.


I wonder how Hi-fi rush does the animation timing. If it’s hard coded in and just times the song start, or if its actually detecting the beat.


Finished Fire Emblem Engage last night. What a game haha


Welp, looks like I called it. Some of Microsofts support pages are showing a complete shutdown of the 360 store is coming.


Played and finished the Tomb Raider DLC for Powerwash Simulator. Kinda felt like a step down from the base game, didn't quite have that same feeling of satisfaction. Think it's just how it was designed for the most part.


It's absolutely amazing how despite Xbox getting a major win with Hi-Fi Rush, they have managed to absolutely chip away and potentially destroy that goodwill immediately.


I did not know that it was previously confirmed like 2 years ago that Netflix was distributing the live action Gundam film whenever it releases. God damn it.


Currently in the homestretch of Engage. Can safely say that this game is pretty damn great mechanically.


Aayyyy witch from mercury is getting a dub. The prologue just went up with it on crunchyroll, I assume the rollout is an episode per week.


Was thinking about how fairly light hearted FE Engage is despite some of its plot elements, then remembered the likely reason why. Genealogy has a remake existing in some form internally atm.


Still playing Fire Emblem Engage. Honestly not hating the bond ring mechanic as much as I thought I was going to, it's a lot more thought out and kinder than say Xenoblade 2s imo.


I still stand by 'please don't put Forza in the middle of the fucking presentation' but if they actually maintain a steady 60/4k with those visuals and raytracing, then huge kudos to those devs.


Started playing FE Engage last night since I finished Goldy and got a belated christmas gift card. Took a look at the support menu and the supposed 'censored' script, and I see some of the issue that has happened.


Oh he’s fully done. Wow.




Oh this is gonna be a meaty postmortem. Now I'm curious what happened behind the scenes, and what's going to happen with this studio.


Reading some of the replies to the Persona 3 mod that blocks off the Ken romance and I'm crying at how hard some people are trying to project lol


Just found out Goodsmile's Might Gaine isn't a model kit, but a figure. And it's nearly 300 Canadian before taxes, shipping, and potential custom fees. What in the fuck.


Instructions unclear, made a tank


Holy shit they actually are taking the games away if this turns out to be true.


A reminder to everyone about to play Persona 4 for the first time.


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