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Wrapup finally worked! Not bad for game that I started end of late November. Also if I played Super Robot Wars 30 on console instead of PC, it'd be 2nd with 100+ hours.


Saturday build from start to finish: Getter Arc.


Bandai really being like 'Alright we finally animated Final GaoGaiGar via Super Robot Wars, TIME TO WHEEL OUT THE TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR MODEL KIT'


Man Mike's little EX-S Gundam from yesterday got me thinking about the MG kit again.


Saw an interesting take on twitter: We keep arguing about how MS would handle the games in order to recover money. But since this is Fox/Warner buyout tier money, it's unlikely to just be games. There's more than likely a multi-media approach inbound.


In other game news for me, finished the FFXIV Stormblood patches a while back and I'm a bit into Shadowbringers MSQ (like halfway I think). Gif is my reaction for some of these cutscenes lmao


Finished Guardians of the Galaxy last night. That is probably the greatest 6/7 out of 10 game of 2021.


Oh Goodsmile why do you tempt me so


Kirby's no longer messing around as of that new trailer


Replayed Metal Gear Rising and the Sam DLC for the first time in years this weekend (thanks Xbox). Still one of Platinum's top 3 games in my honest opinion.


Gonna try to push through the Stormblood patch queues this weekend. Current story rankings are Heavensward>Stormblood>ARR. Hildibrand quests still GOAT tho.


Slow day at work, finally watching Getter Robo Arc to pass the time. Need more distractions so AMA time.


There is something sad/funny about Halo being on publication GOTY lists when the official launch broke a whole game mode, and thus the missions as well.


Yeah GOTY list time I guess, like to say it's a solid top 5.


Oh ya also I finished Cybuster last weekend! Last kit of the year, on call for the remainder of the year. My Super Robot Wars son looks so good despite being a high grade


Finished the SRW 30 DLC that just released yesterday, featuring IBO and Ultraman. Was fun, I think I liked it a little more than the first due to more of a focus/less spread.


Finished Halo Infinite last night. That's an alright prologue I guess.


Oh god the Halo Infinite level Im playing hurts so muuuuch. It’s clearly good co-op fodder on a higher difficulty. Why’d the game have to ship without it!


Played more of Infinite last night. Now about 2/3 of the way there. The game is actually starting to break for me in some ways.


Started Halo Infinite's campaign last night, finished first 6 missions. Current thoughts: Yep this sure is a ubisoft ga- wait a moment.


I have reached level 70 in Final Fantasy XIV. It is time.


Lmao, 253 hours on the Switch and only 11 games this year, and most of it is from this, followed by Pokemon Unite and Castlevania Advance accounting for 20-30 each.


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