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God been playing Three Hopes and what a massive improvement this is over the original Fire Emblem Warriors. Night and day.


And there's the rest of the season 2 00 squad. Strike Freedom and Turn A were on a different page. Shaping up real nicely with another 2 months of potential reveals to go.


Question of the day: How would you get the remaining Mega Man games that have not been in the collections rereleased? Couple rules in the comments.


Oh you love to see those info dumps from Famitsu. Love to see it.


Oh hey the Japanese direct gave me a tiny snippet of what I wanted from SD Gundam. So the lovely surprise of Battle Network and just a teeny tiny bit of characters for SD Gundam. Nice.


I've waited so long for this, holy shit. Thank you Capcom ;-; My first Mega Man games.


Oh so Ubisoft just casually dropping that Mario and Rabbids releases on October 20 and has a season pass. Guess that means a new trailer is a for sure thing tomorrow.


Got my first MVP in Gundam Evolution the moment I unlocked Char’s Zaku. It was destiny.


Oh man I really like the movement and structure in Gundam Evolution now that I got my hands on it.


I am once again begging you Bandai to make an MG G-Self. Make the various backpacks P-Bandai, I don't care. Just give it at MG finally I'm begging ya.


Saw Lightyear over the weekend, partly as a Fathers Day thing since my Dad wanted to (he took me to all 3 Toy Storys growing up). It's weird to be able to call a movie good and bad at the same time?


Stupid things making me laugh today for 500


Witch from Mercury did it's info drop early this morning. Found out the mechanical designers on it include not only gundam vets, but also Metal Gear Solid and Revengeance, Xenoblade X, Armored Core, Full Metal Panic staff and more.


Oh this is absolutely the Char clone for the new show isn't it.


Oh I did not know Witch from Mercury was getting more details on Friday. Hell ya, looks like I was right about the Doan movie needing to be out first.


I know Fallout 5 being a thing is like, no duh. But reading the interview it's like... surely you could ask Daddy MS to help scale up a second major team right?


Played the new Hildibrand quests in FFXIV on Saturday. Man's still the greatest FF character of all time.


Watched the new Gundam movie. It feels like an extended episode with The Origin style over it. Precisely how I wanted it.


Man I was not huge on that Xbox presentation yesterday.


God having these three on display has been long overdue. My Astray children.


Shout out to Panda for yesterday lol. She went and VPNed to watch Japan only footage of Battle Alliance yesterday to give me live commentary. I now have an even better understanding of the game and know the Dom is playable thanks to her. She is the best.


God I hope Battle Alliance is at the Xbox presentation. Just for a day one gamepass announcement.


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