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The classes stuff in Pokemon Violet have taught me more about mechanics in-game than literally the past 8 generations wtf.


Managed to find the other Zaku III converge. A shiny little lad.


Initially was going to pass on S/V and just watch a streamer play it. Then as I watched it looked fun, which creates FOMO in me. So now I own it, can confirm, is fun.


Christ they even have the same middle name WHY


Just gonna give an fyi that disqus reverted their blocking to how it was earlier this year. You can tell when someone has you blocked again.


Other Drill Gao done, hooray


In the continuing saga of 'GaoGaiGar distracts Torch from new games' started the fan translation of Super Robot Wars W. 5 missions in and damn it is a very different beast from the current generation of the franchise.


Metal Build Shin Getter-1. Well fuck my wallet I guess, you win this time Bandai.


Frosty and I finally played Neco-Arc mirrors in Melty Blood after many delays. Those matches could be described as nothing but shitposts and multi-layered mind games because of fucking gacha.


I think this is the first time in a long time that I've looked at a Gundam game update and gone 'Yeah this isn't what the game needs'.


God there is something incredibly funny about the head of id going on reddit to pull a helena taylor about mick gordon, mick proceeds to pull out all the receipts, and the bethesda twitter going ‘nuh uh he’s lying trust us bro’


Started Death's Door this week since I don't really want to work on GaoGaiGar after a work day, and I'm still not buying Ragnarok until that's done. Game's alright but I'm not thrilled with how it handles difficulty and stat progression.


Yeah the more I look at this kit, the more I am not feeling it.


People arguing over the game awards meanwhile me seeing how this years show is going to be, and remembering last years trailers were mid.


One Drill Gao done. Juust over halfway done now.


20 tread parts later and the initial part of one Drill Gao is done. There are two gears and a gap in that middle part that the parts are sitting on btw. The tread actually works.


Liner Gao done. Def the breather part of the build cus oh boy does Drill Gao look rough.


I thiink I’ve encountered stickers in a kit I’ve actually liked for the first time.


Played and finished Sonic Generations for the first time since I was in University. Was using the Xbox version with FPS boost instead of PC. I now understand some of the review scores better.


The joy of not pre-ordering many games means it's incredibly easy for something to happen and completely steal being the center of my attention. Like RG GaoGaiGar showing up several months early, and the day before Ragnarok.




12 more reviews since Gaj's QP, and Froniters is still holding that 73 Metacritic score. Holding pretty consistent there.


So Bandai decided to just randomly upload Stargazer, which is currently the only full animated SEED sidestory atm. Apparently it's only going to be up for part of the month so give it a watch if you care


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