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For about 8 years so far, I have been memeing that KH3 can only be released 2020 at the earliest. For half a month, I was scared that SE might actually prove me wrong. But E3 quelled my fears :)


Rest in Peace Totalbiscuit. The industry is weaker without his strong voice, his ability to single-handedly popularize hidden gems. Condolences to his family.


Stardew Valley on the PS Vita :BlessRNG:


I was feeling intensely anxious about disappointing my parents, until I remembered Occams saying, "Lydia is a grown ass woman." They should be responsible for at least *some* of their happiness, right? [Gaming update: Nier Automata. This cannot continue.]


Why do digital CCG draft modes have a cost if they don't let you keep the cards? I want to play draft all the time, so I don't have to worry about the meta decks. There ought to be an option to play for free by forfeiting the "rewards."


Gaming update (how uncharacteristic of me): I wasn't expecting to like Elder Scrolls Legends (the card game), but I'm totally hooked onto the single player story-mode. Still on the first story, hope there are loads more like it.


Canadian satire on point. https://www.thebeaverton.com/2018/03/local-man-still-unaware-late-night-tv-hosts-powerless-prevent-authoritarian-takeover/


Channeling my inner NathanD to start Nier Ow Tomato for the first time. The power of best waifu compels me!


The thing I loved about Wakanda was how much it reminded me of Gondolin. Long dormant fantasies sprang up again in my mind, this time in the guise of afro-futurism instead of medieval euro-fantasy. Spoilery stuff in the comments.


A mostly shitty friday evening, made bearable only because of Felicia Cooke's Black Panther piece, and Occam's gifs in its comment section.


I did it! I beat the true final boss of Hollow Knight! :D Spoilerific screenshots of the fight will be in the comments.


The Overwatch League caster saying the words "beard on fleek" was my cue to take a break. I need to go watch some Frasier to balance it out.


Shoutout to GajKnight who gets me, to Seymour who I want to get, and to InqRaven for super secret reasons. (And an over-the-pants shoutout to the hotties of Dtoid. U kno not how lovely U R.)


Going cold turkey (again) on Heroes of the Storm. Got the shakes already. Just need to forget that maiev is a new character ... and stop watching twitch streams too ... and stop reading patch notes aahh it's too hard! Pls send ice cream. Or a cigarette.


I thought Jessica Alba had just up and disappeared. Turns out, she was out there building a business empire (now valued at around $1 billion), raising two kids, and somehow turning into a more gorgeous woman. The perfect package does exist!


AvtrSpirit's List of Memorable Games 2017

  An attempt to summarize my experience gaming in 2017. Next to the game is the amount of time I spent playing it in 2017.   Games I Played in 2017 Steal My SOUL Award: Hollow Knight (55 hours) Also wins: Most Hauntingly Bea...


Absolutely love the core loop of The Long Dark (good rec seymour). But then I had a hankering for more goal oriented play. So I reinstalled an old classic, but with winter survival mods. It's been 4 years since my last pilgrimage to High Hrothgar.


Merry Christmas everyone! I'm finally catching up on ALL the games of 2017. Currently busy dying in The Long Dark. Fun times :D


Typing qtoid.com in my browser URL does not redirect to the page correctly. Pls fix, so I can continue being lazy and unproductive on qtoid. After the Turkey is done, of course.


Just one episode into JoJo's and I'm already in love with Dio. (Incidentally, I figured that "But it was me, Dio" line would come after a multi-episode deception arc. Instead... LOL)


Can't wait for this game to be released so I can finally open all the lootboxes! ;) http://store.steampowered.com/app/733990/I%20/


What's a piece of fictional work that you feel super sad when it ends? LotR and Jungle Book 2 are my usual suspects. But today morning I bummed myself out by re-reading the final Animorphs book. I just want to cry now.


Scrolling through all these handsome selfies: +5 to self-consciousness, -500 to chances of me ever posting a selfie here.


It was sad that Epic missed the MOBA train with Paragon. So it feels good to see them actually get a break with Fortnite. I didn't know until today that the battle royale mode was free. Time to try this genre for the first time.


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