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I'm having a hard time getting a grip on this "new" blog editor. I click save+preview and nothing happens...I'm old :(


Hi Dtoiders, my name is Saul and let me tell you I've greatly missed the input, nerd conversations and Hoff Shockers that only this community/site can offer! Speaking of, sad to see that the Hoff's gone for good. Well, it was one hell of a ride :D


Outstanding Indie Thriller: The Guest

Hello Dtoiders! Last night I finally had the chance to see Adam Wingard's The Guest, his follow-up to last year's excellent You're Next. I had heard many positive things and read glowing reviews up front, so expectations were pretty hi...


Far Cry 4: First Impressions

Hello Dtoiders, so I went out on Tuesday and got Far Cry 4 for PS4. I've played 10-12 hours so far and I just wanted to share a few thoughts on the game with you.   I'm not gonna bore you with story details, but let me just say it...


Time for some Horror Movie Recommendations!

Hey all, inspired by Zyk's great blog about horror movies from Down Under (man, how do I link his post to his name!?), I thought it's about time I dished out some recommendations of my own even though Halloween is already behind us. Bu...


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