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Well quite a bit has happened since I last visited here! Joining the exodus - @absolutfreak on co-host.


All right, I'm about to join the excitement, and will most likely get completely destroyed.


This is pretty wild. Here in PA, and I'm smelling smoke from fires in eastern Canada? You guys doing okay up there?


I did it! Finally dealt with one of my long time white whales of gaming - Darkest Dungeon is wrapped up, on the standard darkest difficulty. Mid game was a little bit of a slog, but really enjoyed the final areas, even if they were pretty brutal.


I'm getting more and more hyped about 10th ed 40k. This seems like a great time for new players to join. Being able to just download (free) rules for the force they just bought and play a game is a huge step in the right direction. Also the video is cool.


So, Bong, we're doing old school fantasy/sci fi art?


First teaser of 10th edition, seems to confirm Tyranids vs. the usual space marines. I am VERY excited though to paint some new terminator models. I've had a lot of good times with 9th, but I'm ready for a new edition.


Got my first win in a game of Warhammer 30k this weekend! Finished a squad of heavy support to celebrate. (Pic inside, I liked this meme too much)


Happy birthday to my fellow lover of CRPGs - Mr. RiffRaff! I hope you have a great day! (or day after, I think I'm late?)


Holy crap, it's officially releasing!


FINALLY, almost at the end of Elden Ring. Painting put gaming on the back burner this year. Beat the Godskin Duo, and can't imagine there's a whole lot to go. Decided to wait on the PC release of Ragnarok, going with Tactics Ogre instead as my next game.


Thanks for the kind words in my last two posts - I had been going through a rough patch, but things are getting much better. Now on to re-tooling the army for the upcoming tournament in Ocean City. My goal: don't finish last place.


Finished this year's big Orktober finale! Ghazghkull is doing a bit of moonlighting in yellow.


Time to get some of my Orktober up here. First of all, the newest addition - the battle wagon. (I'd like to beat up the paint job at some point, it's a bit "clean") More inside, and a special Orktober guest will make an appearance later on in the month!


Finished my first chaos knight! The main part was actually done for a while now, but I completely fucked the base up, first time around. I would at some point like to do some of heraldry to spruce it up in places, but I'm calling this a great start point.


I'm away for a while and now this is a bread enthusiast site?


The Bad Moon Waaagh continues to grow. Took them out yesterday, and they did some damage before being slaughtered with the rest of the army. (Fighting defensively on two fronts with speed freeks -oof) Something very different coming soon!


Haven't posted any newly completed minis in a while. Been meaning to finish this one for a few months now.


Continuing to turn my Evil Sunz into Bad Moons instead. Question for those of you that play 40k or any similar games inside.


Could use some pointing in a direction for Elden Ring here - details in the comments in case anyone is still playing through.


Still working on the new boss. Finished his main body up over lunch break, and I'm incredibly thrilled so far! I am chomping at the bit now to finish work today so I can get started on his ride. This may end up being my favorite mini so far.


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