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Sorry everyone, but I've just arrived at the groove bar to find out the guy in charge of the event isn't going to be here to run it. I'm really disappointed and I want to apologize to all the Dtoiders who were planning on coming out today...


The Technoshack - My Setup

In this, the time of Cold Weather and Soggy Socks, I decided to keep myself busy by doing whatever it takes to save myself venturing outside into the Cold, so I took a bunch of pictures :D It would be easy to discount this little unassuming...


Check out this sweet Bioshock 2 swag!

If you wern't at PAX (this happened, but I still <3 you.) then you would have missed out on an awesome display by the Bioshock 2 Guys. There's this little website you guys may have heard of called theressomthinginthesea.com. If you live ...


The Foundation: Resident Evil and Sweet Home

Sweet home is a very scary game. Famicom fans in America, however, never got the chance to experience its' gruesome story and frightening atmosphere because of a halted release. Mostly due to Censorship issues with the story line and what w...


Regarding E3: Left 4 Dead 2 Has Me Wet In The Pants

Left for Dead 2 is probably the biggest announcement of day one at E3 as far as I�m concerned. But I�m apprehensive at the same time excited.. It�s a fine line a zombie game walks to maintain atmosphere and pacing, in representing the ten...


Burn Zombie Burn Impressions

Sometimes it�s great to be able to turn off the brain for a while and enjoy something where thinking is optional. Burn Zombie Burn is a lot like that. All the great things about arcade enjoyment, and you can keep the quarters! And believe m...


In Memory Of Vexed Alex

Today marks a moment I personally would never want to announce... But as it is, here I am, announcing something most painful to me and a great burden to the rest of the community. Because today marks the day we've lost a great member of the...


Expanded Universes and Immersion

Since this months theme is about "Expanded Universes" I'll argue that games and the stories or shows created about them to be a planet... Consider that a planet's pull is proportional to its mass. So, more spin-off material makes a larger, ...


TF2 FNF 5/12 - Death By Committee

As CaffienePowered is busy and ScottyG is in New York, your friend Chooly will be making the TF2 FNF post: No new maps tonight, but expect the usual awesome group of people to be there, 8pm central (that'd be 9pm Eastern, 2am moon-time)...


Destructoid Ontario Reminder: Sign Up Now!

This is a second reminder for the Dtoiders living in or around Ontario, the member group list is growing and if you haven't already added your name to the list then post in the comments to join the Prestigious Dtoid Ontario group! INCOMING...


Dead Space Review

Dead Space is a Definite Buy. Notwithstanding my games backlog being big as it is, I picked up Dead Space after all. Since finishing the first stage before sleeping last night, most of the concerns of mine were replaced with admiration of ...


Canada NARP Possibilities - Your Input Needed

There's word going around the IRC of a South-Eastern Canadian NARP, so if you're interested and around the general area, and can host a party of epic proportions, the likes of which will rival that of any previous NARP EVAR!!!! I'd like ...


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