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Persona 5 fans can relate


I'm almost done with Sunshine. One of the most frustrating pieces of shit I've played. Sometimes it's amazing. Mostly it's a hostile cunt.


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All answers lead to despair


3 days into 2023 and 3 games beaten. Ion Fury - pretty good, kinda frustrating in multiple bad ways but still cool. Wattam - wondefully charming, woefully janky. Mario 64 - Hold ups...fine. Awful camera but still quite fun. Looking forward(?) to Sunshine.


Typical British lunch


My new years resolution is 1440p lol


Happy new years peeps, let's keep it dank and spicy for another 365 days 👊


This is the Shadow of the Colossus of tweets. I go back to it occasionally and I find something new everytime. The gift that keeps on giving.


The guy she tells you not to worry about


Do you think that God stays in heaven because He is afraid of what He has created?


Steam Deck has been fantastic. Hopefully once I clear my Switch backlog, I can give it the time it deserves.


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