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Someone needs to go to Canada and beat up Ganondorf smh


Lifting deep in my squat of loathing


The Lord of the Rings (1978) is unwatchable. Ugly, incomprehensible, somehow miscast, and insulting to Tolkien and the greatest fantasy world ever created. But, it does offer a few laughs, especially if your group are Big LOTR Nuts. This scene broke me


The shark was armed and approaching in a threatening manner


Cleanup on aisle 12


Monte dans le putain de robot


Dark souls 2 (2014)


Beat Signalis. 9.5/10. Amazing. Recommended.


Pro gamers are born, not made


Full size muffins are reserved for the really big events


Me when I bury my victim in the garden and I hear moaning the next day


For sale: minion coffin, never used


Big props to all the talented black actors, y'all the real ones 👑


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