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Happy Birthday Soulbow! You one of the real ones. Dank unrelated.


If bread is Jesus' body and wine is Jesus' blood, does that make mayonnaise...


Ladies and gentlemen. Cowabunga.


Blues Clues is biblical canon. Change my mind.


Capcom, my proposal. Maximo 3. Also, I found Dere.


Damn Daphne, why ya gotta do Velma like that.


Riffraff communing with his God


Good morning fellow gamers


Read I Am Legend again and that ending gets me everytime. Such a good novel. Current Status:


Alas, poor Morte. I knew him, Destructoid, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.


If bedbugs live in beds, does that mean cockroaches...


Got my first clear in Hades! That's some good shit. Question: How many times do I need to clear it to get the 'ending'? Because if there's not one, I'll call it done. Really enjoyed it, 9/10.


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