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It's about an hour away


Destructoid fantasy football is starting again (if everyone still wants to do it) Only 9 days till the season starts! Draft date and time in comments for holdovers from last year. If you wanna join let me know.


FF7R is a good game, and this won't be a popular opinion, but the tedious nature of some of its sections really show when you go back and replay chapters. A mop up for missed collectibles and post game stuff is something I think I will have to forgo.


Trapped in Thailand for home leave due to quarantine. At least I'll have a week off to play FF7R.


Merry Christmas from Thailand!


Season 3 of Handeggtoid Fantasy football is almost upon us, and we need a few good Dtoiders to beef up, and fill out, the roster. Hatred of the Cowboys isn't required, but it doesn't hurt either. More details in the comments. Bump IV.


FYI ... the last day to preorder Balder’s Gate 1+2, Neverwinter Nights, or Planescape collectors editions for consoles is today on Skybound games website.


I need to stop getting drunk and playing Kingdom Hearts 2. I'm like Huh? What? Who?


Does Kingdom Hearts get better? I just started the first game and I'm not feeling it yet. I had heard about the gummi ship, but I still wasn't prepared for how bad it is.


Thanks Ubi for letting me know that new content is for sale every time I go to the map in AC Odyssey. Can you please stop now though? It's actually really annoying.


Top five for the year for me was ... (1) DQXI (2) Muv-Luv trilogy (3) Spider-Man (4) Smash (5) Chasm


Alexios isn't all THAT bad.


Good to see all this DQXI love! You guys are all in for a treat!


Just finished DQXI. It was marvelous. It's up there with the Witcher 3 as my favorite game this generation. Easily the best video game I've played in a couple years. I can't sing it's praises enough. I ignored football to play it. I love you all.


My anniversary and election day are both today. First we voted ... now we ???? ????


Best channel on Youtube? It doesn't matter what the content is, but it can't be your own channel. Under 1 mil subs only please.


Time for some Mega Man 11!


It's weird to read or watch negative comments about a game you think is pretty good. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I guess, but FU I think Chasm is pretty fun. What's a good FU I liked it game for you?


Just watched Mandy. Gonzo Nic Cage is best Nic Cage.


Muv-Luv Alternative destroyed me. I can’t remember the last time a game beat me down so throughly. It’s one of my new favorites.


Handeggtoid players the time is now! Well ... 30 minutes from now technically.


The wife came home from PAX today singing the praises of Untitled Goose Game. She had like 5 videos on her phone of the asshole goose in action.


I’m going on a long, boring trip where I’ll need my Vita to keep me entertained for 14 hour work days. I’ve already been working through Muv-Luv and I’ve beaten all the other major VN series on it. I need suggestions. Stuff I already have in comme


I've been a longtime Dtoid user, but never done an #AMA. I'm currently shampooing my carpets, drinking, and ready to engage so ask me all the things.


About Voodoomeone of us since 9:39 AM on 06.10.2013

I just like to play games. I don't especially enjoy dealing with modern publisher bullshit, and won't waste my time or money on a product laced with anti-consumerist policies I don't agree with.

I'm OK with missing out on a game if it has a bunch of stuff in it I don't like. I also have no issues not being a part of the conversation if that conversation is centered around a dogshit game released by a dogshit publisher. This means that I'll often disappear for long periods of time. Then I'll pop in suddenly with a cluster of comments and follow that up by disappearing again. I also travel A LOT, so that's also a reason I disappear.

As an older gamer I have a lot of respect for a gaming experience that can be delivered to me in an uncompromised and complete form. Favorites include: Persona 3 and 4, Final Fantasy 6 and 4, Trigger and Cross, Lollipop Chainsaw, Shadows of the Damned, Batan Kaitos, Lost Odyssey, The Witcher 3, Danganronpa, Muv Luv, Steins;Gate and most Nintendo series. I am partial to JRPGs and anything with a good story.

I also collect and have quite the sizable console and game collection. As modern gaming continues to swirl, I've been spending a lot more time playing retro games and finding the little hidden gems missed by most everyday game players.

My PSN name is voodoo_me if you want to send me a friend request. I don't play a lot of coop games, but it is interesting just seeing what everyone is playing right?