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Each has their moments. 70s had atmosphere and vibes, 80s had the best practical effects, and the 90s had good audio and streamlined writing.


Looking past the jank and occasional questionable design decisions is very easy when the game is as entertaining as Narita Boy! I enjoyed that waaaay more than expected! 5 magic beans on the eShop right now! Give it a go! (Took me about 6 hours to beat)


Happy Birthday cool shirt dude!


I grabbed Narita Boy on the eShop for 5 magic beans. I can already tell I'm going to have major issues with it (no map, analog stick only controls, rather floaty) but that art is a very specific style that I just swoon over. Beautiful colors and vibe!


Harvestella is a weird game. It's beautiful and has cool art direction but at the same time ugly as fuck and the legs in the run animation are odd. Interesting story and gameplay loop so far and not what I was expecting. Curious to see where it goes.


Something got messed up and my copy of Advance Wars never shipped so I just canceled it because my backlog is spiraling out of control. I did however receive this overpriced bundle of joy in the mail today :)


Current status. Exposition meme in the comments.


@Heston. Yo! Agalloch are going to do a few one off reunion shows this summer. Looks like I'm traveling to Germanwordformiddleofnowhere, Germany to catch the EU show. USA dates TBA. My hype is palatable! SSS tier favorite band!


Started Ghostwire Tokyo on PS5 and my god is the control feel some of the wonkiest and clumsiest feel I've ever felt. How did it get released like this and why hasn't the default been tweaked? Anyhoo, interesting game with lots of cats.


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