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Have a great weekend folks!


My friend convinced me to use Discord. So I have Discord now (which I totally forgot I made an acct for years ago and forgot about it). What's the Dtoid server? Pic unrelated.


Yay Friday! Have a great one!


Happy birthday Adzuken!! Hope you're day is delightful! Thanks for all the laughs! Here's a random unrelated pic. Enjoy!


Have a great day! Hope it's awesome!


FIY: Huge eShop sale scheduled for Thursday (in Europe confirmed, probably also for US but no confirmation yet). Maybe hold off if you were gonna buy something today or tomorrow. Pic unrelated.


Mike (and by extension, Marzano), thank you for bringing this artist to my attention. You have done the deer lord's work.


Omg I need this game meow! So adorable and it looks like quality, wholesome fun! With this and Stray, it looks like '22 is shaping up to be a good year for cat loving gamers!


Have a great week all!


I forgot how much I hate the "when the protag dies it's game over and there's random insta-kills" mechanic. I'm loving you SMT5 but this relationship is getting abusive. I know you do it because you love me butt still...


Hope you're spending your Sunday with someone you love! Have a great one!


Happy Birthday NeoTurbo! May your stream go well and your cake delicious!


I haven't swooned about how off the charts good the new Aesop Rock/Blockhead album is back here yet. So, yeah, it's really fucking great and just gets more interesting with each listen. Give it a listen sooner rather than later!


Have a nice and relaxing weekend folks!


Happy SMT5 day! Post can't get here fast enough today! Who's your favorite SMT demon besides Mara?


I have found my calling!


Have an alright day!


And that's GotG done. Definitely a good time I recommend. It's nice to see licensed games are starting to get better and better. Drax remains my favorite Marvel character. Really liked their direction with the game's characters.


Why I ever check up with the news is beyond me. It just depresses me. Anyhoo, time to look at excessive kitty pics to try to forget about the world's collective stupidity and greed. What's some good news? SMT5 and new Aesop Rock album in 2 days!!!


Have a fabulous day! What's your favorite Tim Curry role?


Concert tickets to a top tier favorite band's reunion tour bought (Porcupine Tree), tattoo project booked, wife touched my dong, SMT5 out this week. Things are going very well.... too well... I'm scared... Pic unrelated


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