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Spiritual Successor (or at least a different narrative alla Final Fantasy) >>> Direct Sequel. Pic unrelated.


What are your unrealistic wishes and "Out Today" predictions? I got my fingers crossed for an Inscryption port and Metal Slug Tactics shadowdrop.


The wife and I burned through The Afterparty on Apple TV in 2 sittings. It was a lot of fun and I hope we get more murder mystery shows like this. The cast was great and I couldn't stop seeing our very own Seymour as Detective Culp lol


Have a great week!!!!


Have a great weekend! Bonus NSFW cursed cringe in the comments.


Why isn't this a movie?


I am very tempted to change my avatar to this, but I also love pilot kitty. Such tough decisions.


Gave that new Returnal content a spin and the endless tower is terrific! Great way to work on maxing out your weapons too! Add me on PSN if you're playing it so I can beat your high score!


Anyone know how to get rid of the official news on a game's tab on PS5? I have the disc for the full game in, why would I be interested in a demo? I also like the original picture better. Already tried unfollowing. Didn't do nothing.




Shedding lizard looks like a lizard in a lizard hoodie! #Cutetoid


The Mario Mushroom sound of course! And the level end fanfare sound when cumming.


Have a great day everyone!


Started up Tales of Arise and I'm immediately enjoying it more than any other Tales game. But can we quit it with the explosive exposition diarrhea and the you accidentally looked at/touched me so you're a perv and I'll never shut up about it tropes.


....i kinda want this...........


My backlog is still being whittled down (with Elden Ring done and HZD almost done I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel) so I don't want to get any time sinks from the current sales. Thinking Last Campfire and Kathy Rain. Any rec for shorter games


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