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I played that Bayonetta Origins demo and that art direction is to die for! Gorgeous! And I like the overall vibe and the gameplay has promise if it gets more challenging. I really hope it turns out well. Pic unrelated.


Happy Women's Day! I do like women's representation in games has improved over the years but it can still be better. Who are some of your favorite ladies in games? My top pick goes to Chloe and Nadine from Uncharted.


Pokèfact: The inspiration for Quakstak was found here on qtoid!


"'What is bait' for $500, Alex." See any good movies lately? Saw Tàr today. Was great! Hope to see The Whale this or next weekend.


Have a great day! :)


Saw BtBaM last night (co-headliner with Haken) and holy fucking shit did they blow me right the fuck away! Such energy and chaos and feels. Was a great experience I haven't had in a long time.


Finally reached the credits scroll in GoW2k18 2. What an amazing experience! Now onto all the post game content and nabbing that platinum.


The Queen is always sitting in my chair so I got her a throne. Happy Caturday!


Well, fuck yeah! Just found out Haken and BTBAM are playing a co-headliner right around the corner from my home on Sunday! I guess the downside of avoiding social media is overlooking this kind of stuff. Hyped for prog overload!


Happy Birthday to the nicest bully ever! Have a great one Vxxy!


Reason #4269 why I'm loving Octopath 2. You don't play as a bunch of high schoolers on a journey to kill God but a group of adults including a cowboy merchant on a journey to kill Capitalism.


I could take a screenshot at any moment of Octopath 2 and it would be gorgeous. Anyone else playing? Haven't been hearing much buzz and that's a shame. It's a big step up from the already great predecessor. Old-school jrpg fans, don't sleep on it!


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