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IDK if it's just because my Native American heritage (Seneca) matches up with the region where Blackbraid hails from or if they are really just that good, but I haven't been this impressed with a new metal band in ages! FFO: Agalloch, Panopticon


Have a great day!


Found Stanger of Paradise for €20. Yay impulse buy! Looking forward to finally giving it a go! Pic unrelated.


I totally forgot the best Katamari game was getting a remaster with added content. And it's out tomorrow!


What are your favorite puzzle games? I mean that very broadly; anything where puzzles are a major focus and not Popcap match 3 stuff. Portal 1 & 2, Talos Principle, Zero Escape (especially 2), Agent A, countless p&c adventures, Capt.Toad. Pic unrelated.


Thinking about grabbing The Tartarus Key on Switch later today to give myself a little break from chasing squirrels in Zelda and jrpg overload dominating my backlog. Lowpoly, combat-less, puzzle heavy, story driven horror is calling to me rn.


Have a great day! Also, can Retro finish up Prime 4 soon so we can get another DKC game?


Sleep Token have always intrigued me because they have a really unique vibe going on (Pop R&B Deftones metal thing) but their previous albums just kinda bored me. The new one is hella more dynamic and worth a listen even if the lyrics can get a bit hammy.


Have a great day!


Even if there were no 1st party games shown (or even many exclusives), there was plenty of interesting stuff at the PS showcase. Mad hype for Talos Principal 2! That Phantom Blade 0 soulslike thing looks interesting too. Have a great day!


Carb Comatose Status. (Bread is a rye and buckwheat sourdough, took me 10 attmpts to get right) Also, whatever happened to that KotOR remake Sony announced like 4 years ago? Did they think if they don't talk about it we won't find out it's in dev hell.


I got about 30 hours in TotK and have only finished the first dungeon which I'm pretty surprised about since most of my time with the game is just roaming around and exploring and doing shrines and Koroks. Such an engrossing game! Pic unrelated.


Some memes will never stop being hilarious. Have an Anatoli Smorin day!


Hope you're having a nice day.


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