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Awww yes! Was hoping to finish my replay of Sky 2 before popping this in but I can't hold off (will probably play the first chapter and finish Sky over the week.)


Been on a big time Devin Townsend kick lately. The positive vibes radiating from him and his music is so inspiring. Always a go-to when I need a pick me up or something to relate to. This song in particular when I'm down. Give it a listen :) #Positoid


The Excavation of Hob's Barrow is out today! I love just about everything under Wadjet Eye's banner and I love folk horror so I'm breaking out the laptop to play this one. Update: Played an hour; dis gon' be gud! Also, early bird discount!


Are you feeling sad, depressed, frustrated with the the world and yourself? Do you need a musical hug? Then listen to this new Devin Townsend song! So soothing, emotional, warm, and uplifting. Such a relaxing and mesmerizing video too!


I'm very tempted to grab this today. It looks a lot like Blasphemous and I loved that game.


Just got back from seeing Moonage Daydream. What an experience! If you have any love for Bowie it is a must! If you can, go see it in a cinema (or a crazy awesome a/v system at least).


Looks like Dropsy is releasing on Switch this Thursday. I give this game a huge recommendation to adventure game fans, fans of wholesome psychedelia, and people who enjoy moist hugs.


Have a great and relaxing Sunday!


Have a great weekend! Go Team Big Man!


XBC3 finished at 100hrs! What a ride! Easily my favorite of the whole Xeno series. I still have quite a bit of side quests but will start getting on those when the story expansion rolls around. Now to practice for Splatfest! Go team Big Man! Pic unrelated


Rave on Raven!!! May today be filled with answers to all your questions! Have a great birthday!!!


I'd like to interrupt your regularly scheduled bread shit posting to wish you a delightful Autumn Equinox! Good bye Summer. Bring on flannel, hoodies, feeling like a functioning human being, spiced tea, apple cider, and beautiful colors! Have a great day!


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