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Been wanting to try one of this guy's games for a while now. Looks like the perfect October game. Happy this came to console! Hope more come! What are some other good indie games for October (bonus points if it's on console :) )


Have a great Friday all!


Well this made my shit day much more tolerable. New Aesop Rock album next month!!!! To say I'm ecstatic is quite the understatement.


I want to give a shot to a neo-retro fps game (on Switch). Dusk or Ion Fury? Opinions? Leaning Dusk (pre-purchase) because Halloween. Update: pre-purchased Dusk because your overwhelming support, price (€16.66), and pre-purchases get a free Dusk '82 gam


Have a wonderful day all!


Oh hell yes! Can't wait for this!


Saw Free Guy last night. Entertaining enough but obviously made by people whose knowledge of gaming is trying to play 15 minutes of GTA on their grandkids' Nintendo thing. Wife also stated Ryan Reynolds has digressed into a Will Ferrell knock off. Ouch!


Hope you all have a great week!


Traded Metro Exodus which I wasn't enjoying at all for RE8 so I'll have a horror game in rotation for Oct. I forgot how delightfully camp and absurd these games are despite the non-camp atmosphere. 1 hour in and I've already got plenty of good chuckles.


Watched the new Suicide Squad flick last night and it was an absolute blast! James Gunn is the best thing to happen to superhero ensemble movies since Guardians of the Galaxy. Love he got to show off his Troma roots in SS. Weasel is the best!


Have a great weekend all!


Happy they were able to get this awesome collab track set up before Doom passed. He was really something else. Anyhoo, this kicks so much ass.


Happy Metroid Day everyone!!!


Ooooo! Look what arrived a day early! Update: It's soooo good!


This was almost an actual, real thing. Shame they never went through with it. Would have been a good chuckle.


Have a great day all!


Have a great birthday Mike. Hope someone tosses your salad real sloppy!


Been playing Tails of Iron and it's pretty damn good. Controls could be tighter and smoother but overall it's a good time. It's so weird to hear Geralt's voice outside of The Witcher context but he totally does a bang up job here.


Was there some kind of announcement or something? Idk. Anyhoo, Have a great day all!


Happy Monday all! Have a great week!


Hey Bateman! Move back to the Jersey Shore and get a job at P&E with me! Bonus NJ food in the comments.


Went to the cinema for the first time in 2 years and saw Malignant. Went in pretty blind and was not let down. Loved the camera work and vibe of the first 2 acts and that 3rd act was... yeah... Can't wait to see it again. Pic unrelated.


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