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Finally started The Dark Pictures and put a good couple hours into Man of Medan. Boy do I hate every character except Fliss. Lots gonna be dying :P Rad as fuck that Khemmis does the theme song tho'! Great old-school style doom band. Check 'em out!


The new Aesop Rock video is great! He drew and animated it himself. Terrific song with a really unique beat. I love that the art of the music video is still a thing sometimes.


Bought myself a small air fryer to basically make potato chips and fries easily and cut back on oil. Any of you have any interesting vegetarian friendly air fryer recipes you enjoy making/eating?


Went to a really neat exhibition on Yokai and Kodama today. A few more pics in the comments.


My dad was a serial killer and had a great 'stache. :P No joke though, I'd sport these (if only to creep strangers out and they stay away from me ;) ) Have a great day!


Awww yes! Was hoping to finish my replay of Sky 2 before popping this in but I can't hold off (will probably play the first chapter and finish Sky over the week.)


Been on a big time Devin Townsend kick lately. The positive vibes radiating from him and his music is so inspiring. Always a go-to when I need a pick me up or something to relate to. This song in particular when I'm down. Give it a listen :) #Positoid


The Excavation of Hob's Barrow is out today! I love just about everything under Wadjet Eye's banner and I love folk horror so I'm breaking out the laptop to play this one. Update: Played an hour; dis gon' be gud! Also, early bird discount!


Are you feeling sad, depressed, frustrated with the the world and yourself? Do you need a musical hug? Then listen to this new Devin Townsend song! So soothing, emotional, warm, and uplifting. Such a relaxing and mesmerizing video too!


I'm very tempted to grab this today. It looks a lot like Blasphemous and I loved that game.


Just got back from seeing Moonage Daydream. What an experience! If you have any love for Bowie it is a must! If you can, go see it in a cinema (or a crazy awesome a/v system at least).


Looks like Dropsy is releasing on Switch this Thursday. I give this game a huge recommendation to adventure game fans, fans of wholesome psychedelia, and people who enjoy moist hugs.


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