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Good deer God the new Riverside album is crazy great! Such diversity different vibes from each song. Loving this new direction. Hard to pick a favorite to share but I love the electro prog jam intro and djenty outro of this track.


Current status.


I channel the Rat King. You?


FE Engage has some of the most embarrassingly (non-pervy) cringe writing I've ever seen in a game in quite a while. Please tell me that pinky swear scene was written for laughs. Fortunately the gameplay is hella tight! Pic unrelated.


Is it just me or is hard mode in FE Engage really fucking hard? I felt hard in 3 Houses was kinda weak, but I don't remember the 3DS games fucking me up like this so early in the game. They may have over corrected the 3H criticism. Pic unrelated


Why you gotta be so harsh yo!


I heard you like jazz so here's some that's more my vibe. Busdriver is one of the most skilled and interesting rappers ever! #ArbitraryJazzHopWednesday


Have a great day! And happy belated birthday to RoboPanda and Wes!


Blocking demos behind a paywall is one of the stupidest things Sony has ever done. And they've done a lot of stupid things. What's 'the' stupidest thing a game company has ever done in your opinion? Pic unrelated. Have a great day!!!


I can't believe I slept so long on Blind Guardian's latest album. Fucking outstanding! Listened to it like 10 times over the past week. Their best in the past decade and the best and most entertaining metal album of '22. This song's about The Witcher.


Question: Y'all inspired me to finally try FFXIV yesterday and I quite like it. The complete edition is on PSN sale for €27 and includes one month. Does the one month start at time of purchase or can I finish the free trial stuff first and then sub?


So, Anodyne 2 is a pretty fucking weird game. I'm at the early hours and I love I so far! The lo-fi poly 3d and 2d pixel art styles works great together! Definitely worth looking into if you want something interesting to play.


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