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Nothing personal. I wouldn't even have had to do this if your brother dropped a goddamn Zingore Jasper. My cat also wants a new hat, so, ye know...


So, this is how my parents felt...


How to keep your ever-growing backlog in check: Play more Monster Hunter. Super hyped for Sunbreak!


The sexy vaporwave OST of Paradise Killer is so good and unique. Definitely SSS tier of best OSTs of all-time. What indie OSTs do you think are SSS tier?


I can't say I'm vegetarian because I enjoy a bit of meat and fish every couple months. I don't buy these plant-meat things often but there's a burger & kebab place near me that offers them and they're tasty! Do you think society would widely accept these?


What do you think ABC Afterschool Specials would be about today?


Hope you're having a nice weekend!


One thing I enjoy about Atmosphere is how damn relatable their songs can be sometimes. Keeping my stress eating under control is trying, especially since quitting smoking (11 months tomorrow). What are some songs you relate to?


No respect! Have a great day!


Gremlins 2 is one of the best sequels ever! Who's your favorite Gremlin? Mine's Salad Gremlin. What other sequels would you say are equal to or surpass the first. T2, Aliens, Police Acadamy 2, Evil Dead 2


I told a kid that I played Super Mario 3 the day it came out. He said "oh wow! That was like 70 years ago. You're older than my father!" 'Sigh'


Columbo for Smash!!! Have a great day!


Persona 4 Fighter Switch version for €20. Opinions? I see there's no rollback but I would like a solid fighter to play in portable mode. I've never played P3, will I be lost in the story or is getting the Golden ending of P4 enough? Thanks! Pic unrelate


Avatar getting morbed in the letohole!


AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Tactic Ogre Reborn PSN leak. Exactly what it is no one knows yet. But still, Tactics Ogre!!! I hope it's a new entry or remake/remaster of Let Us Cling Together.


OK, fine, I'll try Netflix games. I played the demo for Terra Nil last year on pc and loved it, a tablet version is definitely something I would play tons!


Yoshi is a what?!?!


Why can't cross save just be standard for everything. I guess my wallet's happy it's not because I'd hella double dip on many games (glares in MK11). Pic unrelated.


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