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I'm really hooked on the new PRR album, Above Cirrus. They are really hitting their stride on this one and are honing their sound. FFO: VOLA, Smashing Pumpkins (Adore namely), Steven Wilson. @Voex, I think you'll dig this!


Took a vacation and disconnected for a week. It was my first real vacation since Covid and I didn't realize how bad I needed it. Didn't get my head perfectly right but was a great start! More pics of Sardinia and sexy selfies in the comments.


Bravo Insomniac. Bravo! Seems Sony is changing their tune. Can they hurry up and oust Ryan now.


Have a great week!!!!


Congrats to Kalush Orchesta and Ukraine for a well-deserved Eurovision win on many levels. Also a shout out to France, you were robbed, that was one of the coolest songs of the show. And Moldova now had permanent resistance in my brain!


Have a great weekend!


Found out about Moon Tooth this morning and I'm smitten! I've already listened to their new album twice and it's one of the best albums I've heard in alternative hard rock in ages! FFO: Soundgarden, STP, Mastodon, Clutch


Home Console Port of Pac Man: A Porta-potty at Lollapalooza. Have a great day!


Silly Putty does not taste good.


Also part of my current puzzle adventure binge is The Last Campfire. This game is really great! Do not overlook this gem! Great puzzles, better atmosphere, and even better charm! This will sure be a game that sticks with me! Recommend some games in genre!


fuck. :( RIP Trevor You are one of the greats and will not be forgotten.


Grabbed What Lies in the Multiverse on Switch the other day because I'm on a puzzle adventure kick right now and the trailer intrigued me (and the 60% off publisher loyalty discount). It's waaay better than expected. Give it look! There's a cat!


Unofficial Qtoid Indie World Showcase Thread


Spiritual Successor (or at least a different narrative alla Final Fantasy) >>> Direct Sequel. Pic unrelated.


What are your unrealistic wishes and "Out Today" predictions? I got my fingers crossed for an Inscryption port and Metal Slug Tactics shadowdrop.


The wife and I burned through The Afterparty on Apple TV in 2 sittings. It was a lot of fun and I hope we get more murder mystery shows like this. The cast was great and I couldn't stop seeing our very own Seymour as Detective Culp lol


Have a great week!!!!


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