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This caught my eye while browsing the eShop. A quickie, mind-fuck, MTV-in-the-90s, boomer shooter for 5 bucks, sure why not. Will report back when I get around to playing it later. Update: This Game Fucks! Buy it if you want to do pcp without doing pcp.


For those of you who enjoy having you nostalgia exploited, I got an email from Square that I will be debited for my FF collection pre-order on 31/3. Would be a good day to check if your on the hunt for a copy.


Heya FF14 on Ps4/5 with a controller, how do you configure it so I don't have to cycle through a shit to select the thing attacking me or not select a party member first when changing targets in battle? Any page/vid to show effective clutter free UIs?


To be fair, I was ruined long before the internet. Have a great day!


Mmmmmm, Gondorian tomatoes!


To all the dtoiders who aren't native English speakers, I very much admire you. If I didn't know any better I'd have said you're all natives. Good job :) Have a great day!


I really don't like AI art. That is all. Pic unrelated(?)


Have a great weekend!


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