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I have a metric buttload of long rpgs in the gaming queue, why not start getting addicted to Dead Cells :P The new dlc is very excellent so far. Anyhoo, I love DC's title screen. What are some title screens you like :)


Have an enjoyable day all!


And that's NeoTWEWY done. It was OK. I did make it to the end FWIW. I wanted to kick Rindo in the face the whole time for not wearing his mask properly. Pic unrelated.


Have a nice weekend everyone!


When you want to do some side stories but the main story just hit that beat where it gets really interesting and you gotta know what happens next. RGG games problems. Pic unrelated.


Have a great Friday!


I would love a photo mode that would let you move action a handful of frames up or down to get good action shots. It's tough activating it at just the right moment. Anyhoo, dis game fun! #ScreenshotStash


Puzzle game fans (and Shade in particular), check out A Monster's Expedition (Through Puzzling Exhibitions). Great puzzles, genuinely funny writing, chill and wholesome vibes. Best blind impulse eShop buy I've made in a while. #ScreenshotStash


NGL, I'd totally drive that car with pride. And I'd hella sport that print on a zip up hoodie. Gonna pass on the pants though; never like white on pants. Got a sudden hankering for a cup of ice with a splash of Coke now. ;)


Just realized I spaced on that Atlus 3DS sale... Was gonna round out my Etrian Odyssey collection and finally play Nexus and 5. Oh well. Hopefully it happens again (though I'm tempted to drop €30 on Nexus still) Hope Atlus brings the series to Switch!


Seems the PS4 version of Horizon 2 has leaked. So watch out for spoilers and what not.


Found Tales of Vesperia dirt cheap (€15 Switch physical) and was gifted Arise (PS5) over the holidays. Might buy Berseria on PS so I can give it a fair 2nd chance on a platform I like playing on. Pray for me!


Have a great week homeslices!


Have a nice weekend all! Eat lots of cheese (if you can)!


15ish years ago I randomly caught this band in a Hoboken dive bar and have been a huge fan since. They have released nothing but masterpieces and today is their major label debut (4th album total) and holy shit what a triumph! Check Wilderun out!


Watched the new season of Cobra Kai and the film Don't Look Up this week, both outstanding. Tho' Cobra Kai is basically anime now and Don't Look Up scared and depressed me more than anything I've seen in recent memory. Highly recommended. Have a greatday!


I was wondering what had happened to our very own MATT DAMON, and I am disappoint.


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