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Found out the cinema I usually go to will be playing Ghibli movies throughout the summer. It's also Porco Rosso's 30th anniversary and there will be something special about watching in Milan for that. What's your favorite Ghibli films?


Who is the world's greatest detective and why is it Columbo? Shout out some detective/investigation games you enjoy? Obra Dinn, The Blackwell Saga, LA Noir.


It's not like I wanted to sit there or nothing... Happy #Caturday!


Have a nice weekend! Be excellent to each other!


What are some movies that makes you happy? My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, and The Goonies are my happy place movies.


What's something that made you happy recently? 3 bands I really dig (Porcupine Tree, Coheed, Saor) put out new albums last week and all 3 are terrific! More Monster Hunter today! And this art.


A detective giraffe in a top hat solving murders in 1920s England.... yeah, this is a day one buy!


Looks like Sunbreak is reviewing very well. Apparently it's got sharper teeth than Iceborne. I already bought it and got it downloaded (some bonus stuff and gear is already unlocked). Who else is gonna be murdering superfauna tomorrow?


That Direct Mini was nice. Harvestella looks cool! Big problem tho', do I play P5R on my PS5 for sexy 4k 60fps but less opportunities to play or on Switch for portability and a chance to actually finish it? P3 & 4 are definite Switch buys! Pic unrelated


If I disappear for a while, I'm fine. The amount of shit everywhere online is starting to get to me and may very soon need a good break or at least dramatically reduced time with things that show me what a shithole the world is. Love y'all!


FIY. Seems it will also come to European retailers as well :) I can get a month of PS+ Premium for like €7 because my sub runs out in Aug. So I might do that to play this day one and then buy the physical for the collection. Def my most anticipated game


Have a relaxing Sunday!


What's some good psychological horror/thrillers, trippy sci-fi, or slow-burn horror/thriller flicks on Netflix, Prime, or Apple?


Summer is the most overrated season. Sure, going to the beach is nice, but every other moment is terrible. Heaven is perpetual Autumn. Have a great day! Stay cool!


Watched RRR on Netflix yesterday and it'll be tough to top as my MotY. The most fun, engaging, and entertaining movie I've seen in a long while. The 3 hours flew by! Don't let the Bollywood tag deter you from watching. You watch any good films lately?


Holy shit! New music from The Mars Volta! Beautiful song and video featuring Puerto Rican Bomba dancing and music.


I wrote a blog. It's about 2D fighters, nostalgia, and noobs. I think it came out as not complete shit. Maybe humor me and give it a click and comment. Edit: vanity late night bump


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