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NVGR: what ever happened to the conservative value of leaving people the fuck alone?


really happy to see Persona as part of the Game Pass package. It felt like the missing piece


gotta say. i liked metal hellsinger


looking at this game called 'Slipstream', and the music reminds me A LOT of VA-11 Hall-A


i always forget how old I am next to these youngin developers. a dkc2 reference must be like a ms pacman reference to these kids


it's amazing how competitive just buying an 80 dollar PS3 from ebay is compared to PS Plus Premium


is it just me? i feel like horizon 2 kinda just came and went


just beat Telling Lies. i feel like this is the loosest definition of a 'game' i've ever played. otherwise, it's an aiiight piece of art


drinking some fancy, or not so fancy beers (depending on where you're from) called, stalla artois. AMA


tbh probably one of the greatest game trailers of all time. STILL somehow manages to be as good as the game itself imo


never really watched too many movies growing up, but i took an opportunity during the pandemic to finally watch star wars. And I gotta say! the more I get to know about the lore, the shittier those last 3 movies get boiii


wow kingdom hearts 4 looks amazing


i wanna think sqaure enix is positioning itself to get bought out by sony, but of course that NFT rhetoric rears its ugly head again


as I get more involved in the games industry, I'm noticing this certain disdain for producers (of which I'm striving to be). I have a theory that if producers worked as long hours as their hardest working team member, the resentment wouldn't be there


they couldn't fit an emulated 3MB rom of Chrono Trigger inside the 'Radical Dreamer's Edition'?