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let it be known that Dtoid stood out because of its community involvement with all its content. Now it'll be like every other gaming site and truly fade into obscurity. The owners should have respected the team and the spirit of what made this place great


goddd keeppp our landdd... glorious and freeeee


Moyse, I can't believe the crap I'm reading. Yet another shit decision by an aimless parent company. Just brutal. Destructoid should be THE gaming community website, focused around community contributed content. We really need to get back on track.


I think 2023 is gonna go down as one of the best years in gaming


I wanna see what's behind this door in the remake.


I don't why there's a rumor of some sort of Super Mario RPG remake for the direct, but I'll take it


Good. Give me a god damn second to keep up with all these games I need to play!


there were about 5 games that caught my attention during the showcase. overall, very strong show imo


Big props to the nso update this month. I've been wanting to properly play Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble for years


Now this controller right here, lemme tell you... Metroid Prime Remastered never felt so good


so I've watched the Star Wars shows and movies over the lockdown and now I'm in too deep. Question: do I buy the Star Wars Thrawn trilogy books (on the May the 4th no less)? Are they dope?


you know what, I'm actually having a real good time with this one


destructoid should change that robot in the top left corner with a doge. that would be the absolute height of comedy


right now looking at my Wii U console I haven't turned on in a minute like Schrödinger's Cat; it may or may not be dead... and i'm not sure i care to find out


In truth, I was deciding between the physical and digital version of the Metroid Prime Remastered, but the sheer lack of its availability made it personal.


welcome back dtoid. for a second i thought elon bought this social platform too


yo i've been on this site for 15 years!


I'm replacing this double post with a super hexagon track remake I found on NES (w/ expansion chips). I can't delete this original post without hijacking another account by accident.


now that's a name I've not heard in a long time