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I'm Back with More Music!

Hey Destructoid! Remember me? It's me, Tonich. What? Doesn't ring a bell? Okay, how about "That crazy Russian who used to blog here a year or two ago and posted some music"? Yeah, that's me alright. :) I know it's been quite a while since ...


Music for a [Non-Existent] Videogame

Hello my dear friends and fellow Dtioders! Here I am again, sharing my music with you, just like I did a few months ago. This time, however, it's going to be much more personal - for two main reasons. First, there'll be no band to...


Why Videogames Can't Be "Real" Art

  Now, now, don’t get me wrong. I firmly believe games ARE art, and nobody will ever convince me otherwise. Besides the fact that even technically games comprise different forms of art -- i.e. cinema/animation, music, litera...


Come and Play with Me: Looking for Playmates on Steam

Hello, my friends and fellow Dtoiders!  It's not often that I use the c-blogs for personal gain, but I've been planning on writing this for quite some time. Anyway, this won't take too long. For those of you who are new to this bl...


I Killed Two Family Members to Enjoy "Papers, Please"

Yes, that's right. I did it. I killed off my uncle and mother-in-law just to be able to enjoy a video game. While they were around I just couldn't concentrate and have fun - not with them constantly bugging me, saying they're cold and hu...


Worst Protagonist EVER (+Birthday)

As far as I can gather, the concept of an antihero has become quite popular in the past decade or so, especially in videogames. Characters ranging from a young delinquent to a (classic) honorable outlaw to a murdering sociopath have made th...


Tonich's Top Ten Games List

So, there's a new trend going on with top ten games list, and while I was initially reluctant (rather: lazy) to write one and thought of just leaving a comment in the corresponding blog, I finally decided that I wanted my write-up to stay i...


Saint's Row IV Made Me Feel Like a Jerk (And I Loved It)

Oh, hey, it's been nearly a month since my last blog, so I've got to write something, right? :)  You know, sometimes I can’t help thinking that I’m special. One of a kind. No, no, it’s got nothing to do with megalomania (or at least I hope...


What Would Final Fantasy VII Remake Look Like Now

I remember how everyone was hyped when the now notorious tech demo of Final Fantasy VII intro remade on PS3 engine was shown. After all, I myself was hyped, too! I doubt there's any Final Fantasy Fan out there who's never seen this video...


On Swordfights in Video Games

We all love a good video game swordfight, don’t we?  …Okay, some of us prefer gunfights. So what! Eh? Brawlers? Yeah, I guess some people love brawlers better. And then there are those weird folks who stand against violence in video games…...


Ten things about Tonich

aka That Crazy Russian Who's Spamming Russia-Related Comments. :)) Actually, I've just published a cblog but I just can't help participating. So here we go! 1. Nice to meet you! Here I am. 29, and I still play in a rock band (if you're i...


On Perfect Review Scores

Hi everyone! After finishing my "Gamer in Provincial Russia" trilogy I've decided to post some of my video game related thoughts here. Hope you find them interesting! First off, let me confess: I have never written a video game review. Per...


Gaming in Provincial Russia. Part Three

The Saga Continues! Greetings again, ye noble Destructoid readers! This is my third and – at least for now – final entry in the Epic Tale of Struggle and Suffering of a Lone Gamer in the Land of Bears and Vodka… Okay, okay, that was an e...


Gaming in Provincial Russia. Part Two

Hello again! I am continuing to discuss the topic of gaming in provincial Russia that I’ve started in my previous blog. Now that we’ve learned that gamers here suffer from different forms of prejudice and social disdain, as well as difficul...


Gaming in Provincial Russia. Part One

Greetings! Hi everyone! This is my first blog post on Destructoid but it's one that I have been meaning to write for quite some time. Hope that at least someone finds it interesting or informative. I live in a rather large city in Central R...


About Tonichone of us since 12:03 AM on 05.06.2013

Hi everyone!

Please, call me Tonich. That's what everyone calls me. I live in Nizhniy Novgorod - a pretty large and picturesque city in Central Russia (yep, that's it on the header image).

Currently at the age 30, I am a taught historian, reluctant archivist, occasional tour guide and aspiring composer/musician. I write songs, play guitar and sing (badly) for the art rock act The Heckfish. Oh, and I also play videogames. :)

My gaming habits started with the NES era, and my favourite consoles are Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and PlayStation 2. I'm more of a PC player currently, so why don't you check out my Steam Page?

You can also listen to my music here.

I have been blogging here on Destructoid since spring 2014. Here's a selection of my blogs you can read if you'd like to know me better:

My "Gamer in Provincial Russia" trilogy:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Ten Things About Me

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My call to arms online playing

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