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Howdy folks. Been a long while since I posted here. Some gaming hot takes. Starfield is fucking booooring, Karlach is new best girl, Unity can eat a bag of dicks and that Robocop game looks ace. Ok now back to my cave.


I forgot to thank Mr. Philkensebben and Mr. Vadicta for gifting me games on Steam. I only just saw them. Thank you very much! I hope everyone here had an excellent Holiday!


It's again time for my yearly tradition. Merry Cave Christmas everybody!


Thanks a whole bunch to my Secret Santa! I'm looking forward to bonding with some sexy demons.


Happy Halloween! Just remember, the cream always rises to the top!


Hey Y'all. Been a while since I've posted anything but I couldn't help but think of all of you and came up with a great costume idea. Have a Happy Halloween!


Well... I had planned on buying Radiant Silvergun....


Rest in peace to my little kitty Claw. I've had quite a few cats but none as cool or lovable as her.


It's once again time for my yearly tradition. Merry Cave Christmas everybody!


Some good parenting advice.


I beat Deathloop and I gotta say it's kinda Deathpoop.... I really wanted to like this game and maybe I'll give it another shot but as it is it just makes me want to go back and replay Dishonored 2. More elaboration in the comments.


Thanks to my Secret Santa for this wonderful little gift. It's not the Thicc Goth Girl that I asked for but this is still pretty cool.


"The new Limp Bizkit album slaps" is something that I never thought I'd say but this is actually pretty dope.


Went to the Aftershock festival over the weekend. Kicked my ass but I had a blast. Metallica two different nights, The Misfits, Cypress Hill, Suicidal Tendencies, Anthrax, The Offspring and a bunch more. Managed to snag this Pick from Metallica.


I just joined a buddy of mines band called Panhandlers Union. We're a Folk/Punk/Acoustic band and our songs are about things like cannibals, murderers, drinking and more. I'm playing my first show with them tomorrow and I'm pretty stoked. Link in comments


This is the only casting choice that would make me want to go see the Mario Movie.


Bayonetta looking damn fine with them twintails. Couldn't be more stoked to finally see this.


I didn't know that this was a thing and now I know it's a thing and I'm way more excited than I should be.


Ooktar's random quick updates. The Suicide Squad is amazing, Sonic Mania is the best Sonic game, I broke my ps3 controller, Ube Mochi Ice Cream is delicious, Covid still sucks and the new Evangelion movie made me cry. That's all for now.


Is it me or do you look a bit different Dtoid? You get a new haircut or something?


So glad Smiling Friends is becoming a series. If you haven't seen the pilot episode I recommend checking it out on Adult Swim. It's made by and stars folks from Newgrounds.


Just beat Resident Evil Village. That was a darn good game. I think I liked it about as much as 7 but just in a different way. I hope we see some expansion DLC ala Not a Hero.


It's my Birthday today. I also know it's FakePlasticTrees birthday also so Happy Birthday.


I just beat Mario Odyssey so this opinion might be a little late, but I gotta say that all while Mario was gallivanting around trying to save that stupid princess from getting kidnapped for the 100th time he could've been hitting up this smoke show...


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